Monday, March 24, 2008

Diabetes Training Camp

OK - Last week was DIABETES TRAINING CAMP in Santa Barbara, CA. I know! just saying it makes it seem so freaking cool! If there are diabetics out there who are not going to read anything else - simply take this advice: Go to DTC. Its a camp that believes that exercise is a crucial part to diabetes management. And its not just for athletes - its for people looking to begin exercising to crazies training for an Ironman and everyone in between. It is expensive but it is absolutely worth it - in fact it is a great deal. I learned more about being a diabetic and living with the disease in that week than in the previous 25 years I've had the disease. Dr. Matt Corcoran is not just a great endocrinologist - he's a true doctor - he is following his passion to improve the lives of diabetics. Add to all this the fact that the coaching was beyond top notch. 2 of the coaches changed my life: Josh Gold ( was one of the swim coaches and once my southern upbringing got past his harsh Brooklyn ways - I saw a truly great person. He totally ruined my swim right now - but that's ok - it was terrible anyway - I have the feeling that soon it will be much, much better. Beyond that he really is concerned about helping me out long beyond the camp and he is quite the little babysitter (held Adia for hours during some of the camp). The other person was Rick Crawford - I'm pretty sure he saved ironman for me. I was in a funk and heading downhill - in one lecture he swung it around 180 degrees - I'm looking forward to training, enjoying it, and have a path to September. Oh, and he has coached a few notables: Armstrong, Leipheimer, Team Type 1... sheesh.... but he was such a cool, down to earth dude and was totally interested in coaching us. I brought my whole family and alternated between camp and family so I missed some good stuff at camp but got it back a million-fold by exploring tide pools with my kids. Traveling was a bit challenging - but I swear that Zoe and Adia did much better with the sleep deprivation than Ash or I (Ash had a 3 day migraine and my blood sugar was nuts for a few days). It was really great to be out there with them. Zoe had a blast playing with Ray and Nella's daughter - Elisa. They pretty much did everything together and swimming was a huge part of that. Pictures from the trip, by the way are scrolling through on the right of the screen - you can click on them to see the album. Lets see - better wrap this up because kids are waking up... turns out Dave is somewhat of a monster - his VO2 max was second behind Bill Carlson (see photo of Bill, Anne, and Peter - all triabetics) who was the first diabetic to do ironman back in 83...and he basically typifies what I imagine an ironman to be. Dave also did a monster climb on the bike.... on his first ride ever. But you'll have to see his blog to find out the truly funny story about the bike - it goes something like: what happens when the bike meets the overpass? It was great to meet Anne - I felt I knew her from her blog - but to finally meet someone is cool. She is super fit and strong. Steve Chop (not pictured - he left a day early) was there and great to hang around again - he was there with Dave, John, and I in Madison when we registered. He also fits the super strong ironman persona... in fact, its pretty much me and Dave who don't - and Dave is well on his way.... crud. And Peter - what a cool guy. The visionary who founded insulindependence and made so much of this possible. I really can't thank him enough. However, I have found that his greatest accomplishment is getting Nate on board. Thank you for everything, Nate. Oh, and it looks like we might have our title sponsor, too, but I'll wait to talk about that one. Well done guys. Oh, one last thing - I wore a constant glucose monitor for the week and it pretty much changed my life - its time to get the insurance companies to cover it. The future is here.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Tough to blog?

Its funny how things get busy and the time for very simple things is lost. Like blogging. A lot has happened in the last 11 days or so and I kept thinking that "ooh, I need to write this down"... well, now I am just going to summarize. When we last met the dynamic uno - he was struggling back from a sickness that ripped through his family and had just gotten back into the swing of things. The next week went fine - still trying to figure out schedules, but its coming along. Ash and the kids went to Greenville to MawMaw's for a long weekend and it gave me time to work on a fence and get some hours in training. I missed those guys sooo bad. It was ultra quiet and terrible. Thankfully, John and Maureen and Jon fed me all that time. Dave and I went to ASU on thursday and ran (I was late and did 4 miles - Dave ran for an hour) and then hopped in the pool and swam 1.5 miles (in 200's) It was good day. Dave is becoming a machine. He just emailed me about running 18 miles on Sunday. I am trying to figure a way out of that one. On Saturday, John and I were told about a group ride that meets in Boone and heads down the mountain to Lenoir to ride. The temperatures were incredible - it was chilly in Boone and perfect down there. We rode on gorgeous roads for awhile and were expecting to go around 35-40 miles. Well, at 32 miles we realized that we made a wrong turn and it would be a long ride back. The ride ended up being 54 miles and I was beat. It was good to be out again. My blood sugar started at 290 and didn't fall (I took a couple of units) for a long time. But towards the end, John and I were battling lows at the back of the pack. The next few days I worked on a fence around the house for the dog and it really is looking sharp. We are getting ready to go to Santa Barbara for Diabetes Training Camp and I checked Delta and found out that the bike would be $100 each way. So I emailed some bike shops and a diabetes research facility and the Santa Barbara Bike Coalition and explained that I was a poor, pitiful, diabetic teacher and was there anyone out there who would be willing to loan me a bike for the week? Well the SB Bike Coalition is filled with super cool people. I am now turning away offers.... of bikes a lot better than the one I ride. It really fills one with a sense of a renewal of humanity when people offer precious things to complete strangers. I was blown away. BTW - I will be riding a sweet Ibis while in sunny CA. Thank you Robert! Then yesterday, a friend at work who I kept seeing at the pool - revealed that he has done triathons (up to 70.3) and worked with the swim team for years. He gave me a bunch of pointers yesterday and while it currently feels like I can't swim - I am finally on the path. Thank you Jonathan! Oh, I got my wheels - Neuvation - great price, ceramic bearings, etc - and got my wetsuit, pedals, and bike shoes... thank you Trisports!