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Diabetes Training Camp

OK - Last week was DIABETES TRAINING CAMP in Santa Barbara, CA. I know! just saying it makes it seem so freaking cool! If there are diabetics out there who are not going to read anything else - simply take this advice: Go to DTC. Its a camp that believes that exercise is a crucial part to diabetes management. And its not just for athletes - its for people looking to begin exercising to crazies training for an Ironman and everyone in between. It is expensive but it is absolutely worth it - in fact it is a great deal. I learned more about being a diabetic and living with the disease in that week than in the previous 25 years I've had the disease. Dr. Matt Corcoran is not just a great endocrinologist - he's a true doctor - he is following his passion to improve the lives of diabetics. Add to all this the fact that the coaching was beyond top notch. 2 of the coaches changed my life: Josh Gold ( was one of the swim c…

Tough to blog?

Its funny how things get busy and the time for very simple things is lost. Like blogging. A lot has happened in the last 11 days or so and I kept thinking that "ooh, I need to write this down"... well, now I am just going to summarize. When we last met the dynamic uno - he was struggling back from a sickness that ripped through his family and had just gotten back into the swing of things. The next week went fine - still trying to figure out schedules, but its coming along. Ash and the kids went to Greenville to MawMaw's for a long weekend and it gave me time to work on a fence and get some hours in training. I missed those guys sooo bad. It was ultra quiet and terrible. Thankfully, John and Maureen and Jon fed me all that time. Dave and I went to ASU on thursday and ran (I was late and did 4 miles - Dave ran for an hour) and then hopped in the pool and swam 1.5 miles (in 200's) It was good day. Dave is becoming a machine. He just emailed me about running 18…