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OK, I was working on school work but then they called it off again tomorrow, so I got bored and made a little compilation of this weeks snow fun.  Please excuse the royalty-free music and my goober laughs from time to time.

Winter finally arrived

To be on the beach lounging in a hammock or just in the warm sand ... that feels so far away that it causes some anxiety and presses on my chest.  Perhaps that's just because my field trip to the coast is just 6 weeks away and we are in the coldest weather of the year.  Oh well, I guess its appropriate that winter finally decided to stop by - I needed a real excuse to not do anything.  However, I recently got over a mental roadblock at the barn and now I am chomping at the bit to get some stuff done.  My lungs are better, but the weather is worse.  Oh well.

 It was snowing pretty good yesterday when we decided to go to Boone to go skiing.  The whole way there the roads were snow covered... in Boone, Zoe pointed out a car that was spinning down the road in the lane across from us:)  The kids really killed it yesterday.  I was super proud.  Adia and Zoe are riding lifts by themselves and Esme has super control.  They all skied a black diamond run (Esme and I did one last run on a na…


I could use a snow day or two. This isn't the winter I expected.  And now I think I am getting sick again. I usually like winter, but if there is going to be no sledding, then I just kind of want February to leave and to take its emptiness with it.