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Change... my hungry friend.

"Summer has gone and passed, the innocent can never last..." -- Green Day

Like the seasons, life continues to change, become, and cycle around again.  I am not so much happy for life's changes, I am in a place of trying to appreciate them.  Every change involves a loss and a gain and a move through time... and time just seems to be flying by.  So I am going to try to simply be and appreciate where I am... not looking too far forward or too far back.
NOT EASY.  But (to use an odd descriptor)... its good I think.
I am getting ready for school to begin again but this time ... for the 7th time... it will be at a new school.  We finally made the decision to follow our dream and move up to Konnarock.  Financially, it was sort of a move that needed to be made - but in making the decision, we were freed from... indecision.  Sounds funny, but indecision is quite an anchor for me.  Anyway, in making the decision, we have listed our house in Glade, sold our milk cow and calf (we st…