Tuesday, March 17, 2009

March Ahn

  • Aw, Esme is just growing like a weed.  She smiles all the time now.  Last night she just studied my face and smiled as I talked and sang to her - for quite awhile.  She seemed to be partial to U2 and The Cure:)  She interacts like this all the time with Ashley, but it was neat to get a piece of that action.
  • I know, cute or horrifying?  It was a nice warm spell last week and Adia was out on the porch playing.  When I came out, she apparently felt the need to take a dip in the dog bowl.  Adia has been a lot of fun and a lot of challenge recently - she is really asserting herself and since she doesn't do many words, she has found that she can register a protest by crying really loudly.  My 3rd and 4th periods are the same way.
  • And just go ahead and break my heart in two equal but separate pieces.  Last night Adia was rummaging through my diabetic bag and I was making a rather stellar off the cuff chili so I just let her play (hoping that she wouldn't figure out how to expose the needle...yes the same needle that should be thrown away after each use).  So here she is taking her shot just like her dad.  I'm OK if it is always a pretend thing.  
  • In other news, if you want more pictures - I uploaded more to the picassa site - just click on the scrolling Esme album top right of this page.  
  • School is going well - the Duke Marine Lab trip is in a few weeks and I am beginning my time of stress over that.  I've got 33 kids going for a week... but it is a great time, just a lot of ducks to put in a row.  I think Zoe is going to come with me - that should be fun, except for the struggle of what she is going to wear each morning.
  • Jon has been on a buying spree for amazing things - like a fresnel lens for solar cooking, everything food prep related - grinders, sausage stuffers, presses, etc along with all tools wonderful like a crosscut saw, froe, garden forks, hand drills, etc - its like the best christmas ever on little house on the prairie!
  • We ordered our seeds from Seeds of Change the other day.  It turned out that we (Towers and Ahns) still had a bunch of seeds, but even then we spent $160.  Its going to be a fun planting season.  And we joined the Abindgon CSA for the spring and summer.  My goal is to can, can, can, and can this season.  Remember in a few months when I am moaning about this how there was a time when I was really looking forward to it all.  I guess that is what winter does to you.  
  • Ash and I started running again (actually, she has been running, but I haven't... but I didn't want to sound too slack) and it is rather remarkable how out of shape I've gotten.  I should be out running right now (6am) but Adia woke up and I don't want to leave Ash with a crying kid this early.  But she has settled in and maybe I can slip out.  Better try, I guess. Bye.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Snow daze

  • But I should set the stage... because I was an idiot.. but it worked out really well for me.  We had saturday school (which we have now if we miss any days) and Ash wanted to get to Greenville for a week to be with Maw Maw and Jan had just had knee replacement - AND there was some snow coming, so I might have a snow day.  No problem.  Well as Sunday went on, it looked like the snow was going to hit Greenville and not Boone.  This made me freak out for no reason - I thought we might have school monday and that I'd better get back to Boone before the interstate got nasty and a 3 hr drive took 6 hrs.  So off I went.  At that time the prediction was 1-3 inches - which often meant nothing.  As I got to Lenoir, the emergency system came on the radio to say the winter weather watch was now a warning for Boone.  Expect 8-10 inches. (it turned out to be 12) Sheesh.  Not only would there be no school, but it would be days.  I made it home in nasty conditions and ate dinner and turned around and was going to head back to Greenville so Ash wasn't left with all the kids all week.  I made it back to Blowing Rock and the roads were ok but there was a lot of snow down.  I called Ash and she convinced me not to be stupid.. again.  I was going to ignore it and continue anyway, but then she pulled a low blow - she said "why not just go snowboarding tomorrow"  Ouch.  I caved.  
  • I made it back home and called Dave and we had an absolute epic day at Sugar Mountain.   It turned into a great group - Dave, Russ, Todd, Corrie, and a couple of other climbing buddies of theirs.  Most of them were freeheelers, but we won't hold that against them.  (Russ, I need to get my Peanut Butter back.. or at least the spoon!:)  First run Dave plows off the mountain down something awfully steep and I followed the best I could.  It was the first time I ever made a turn and got a face full of snow.  Glorious.  So soft and cushy.  I was absolutely exhausted by the end of the day.... the most fun I've ever had snowboarding.  And it was really great to hang out with Dave again as well.  Cross training.
  • In other news, the snow caved in my poor chicken aviary, but the chickens seem to not mind.  Now instead of one big space, they have rooms and passageways.  I think the snow bent the steel T-bars.  We'll see when it thaws out a bit.  
  • Jon and I went to Damascus today and had a really good time planning out how to divert the graywater to the garden and where to orient the wood cookstove.  Everything is coming together in a really exciting way.  By putting the cookstove in the garage (playroom), it can hook easily into the water system (80 gal tank and 20 gal reservoir), still contribute a lot of heat to the house, heat the playroom, and at 700 lbs, be easy to install:)  Exciting.  But mostly is was great to just hang out again with Jon.  If that guy doesn't write an autobiography, it will be humanity's loss.  Summer approaches and the dream of Damascus gets closer.  
  • Today, I got a text from my old roommate teammate Brian.  It said "3:41 marathon. done!" The last time I saw him was right after Ironman - we stopped by for a night on our way back.  He told me that I inspired him to do it.  We were always ying and yang - he was fastest on the team and I was slowest (at least in any distance) - and like I've told everyone, "If I can do it.... anyone can"  I believe that.  But I am proud of him.  
  • Iron Reid is in Arizona right now at Diabetes Training Camp.  He is becoming a machine.  I can't wait to hear what his experience of DTC was and whether it changed his life, too.  OK, I've had 3 days off and need to do some grading:)  Goodnight.