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March Ahn

Aw, Esme is just growing like a weed.  She smiles all the time now.  Last night she just studied my face and smiled as I talked and sang to her - for quite awhile.  She seemed to be partial to U2 and The Cure:)  She interacts like this all the time with Ashley, but it was neat to get a piece of that action.
I know, cute or horrifying?  It was a nice warm spell last week and Adia was out on the porch playing.  When I came out, she apparently felt the need to take a dip in the dog bowl.  Adia has been a lot of fun and a lot of challenge recently - she is really asserting herself and since she doesn't do many words, she has found that she can register a protest by crying really loudly.  My 3rd and 4th periods are the same way.
And just go ahead and break my heart in two equal but separate pieces.  Last night Adia was rummaging through my diabetic bag and I was making a rather stellar off the cuff chili so I just let her play (hoping that she wouldn't figure out how to expose the ne…

Snow daze