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Fall 2014

Fall approaches and life changes again.  My daughter is growing up.  I find myself like the season - each day shorter than the next.  Amazing things keep happening like a harvest of the soul, but the sheer abundance makes my head swim.  Gain, loss, change.... wash, rinse, repeat.  I fear and welcome winter..

I am a tree at this time of year no grand oak or frasier fir a buckeye perhaps hidden and interesting
and desperate
the night overtakes the day time is no longer a friend in the sweltering thinness I smell winter
the storms that shaped my branches pruned me and splintered my soul may rage again
or may not
and so I race against the waning day preparing but not quite ready to face that icy kiss barren and naked
In painful eternal repeat I summon my strength to light up the sky again and bask in the chilly glow
of a perfect day.