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Halloween...ok its a bit past.

Ohhh, back to the blog. I read Dave's tonight and it was so dramatic - bears and diabetic coma and all, that I realized that I have to get back into the swing of things least blogstyle, that is. So I will pick something easy - Halloween. It was fun and simple. Zoe was a dinosaur (she insists it was a Iguanodon...I'll just have to agree - she's the expert) and Adia was a ladybug. I'll put more pictures on the picassa link. Since Ironman I have basically been reveling in and appreciating my family and have been so surprised that I don't seem to have any more time now than I did when I was training. Hmmm. A short list of things going on. Reid is now training for Triabetes 09 in Arizona and will travel out there soon to sign up. I have gotten to run some with him and have had fun reliving the beginning of the journey. I (with an amazing amount of help from Jon) am painting the house - and it looks rather great (or else it used to look rather bad). I turned A…