Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Halloween...ok its a bit past.

Ohhh, back to the blog. I read Dave's tonight and it was so dramatic - bears and diabetic coma and all, that I realized that I have to get back into the swing of things again...at least blogstyle, that is. So I will pick something easy - Halloween. It was fun and simple. Zoe was a dinosaur (she insists it was a Iguanodon...I'll just have to agree - she's the expert) and Adia was a ladybug. I'll put more pictures on the picassa link. Since Ironman I have basically been reveling in and appreciating my family and have been so surprised that I don't seem to have any more time now than I did when I was training. Hmmm. A short list of things going on. Reid is now training for Triabetes 09 in Arizona and will travel out there soon to sign up. I have gotten to run some with him and have had fun reliving the beginning of the journey. I (with an amazing amount of help from Jon) am painting the house - and it looks rather great (or else it used to look rather bad). I turned Ash's cross bike to a singlespeed (and got rid of those craaaapy brakes) and will try to use that to climb Boone mountain to get to school... we'll see. It is a super sweet ride now, however. I feel myself getting drawn to the dark side of the chain. I'm running a 32-16 if you are interested. The roosters are in the freezer along with a couple of deer that a student shot for me (freezer is bursting) - we got better at dispatching and processing chickens...thank god. But it was a great experience. Still have a bunch of hens getting to lay a ton o eggs in the spring. Avery - arguably the best rabbit ever (he was found on the AT and was the gentlest rabbit) was killed by a couple of neighborhood dogs who ripped into his cage. Adia is getting more teeth and more mobility and into more things every day. Her personality is really coming out. She and I hiked to the Falls by the Valle Crucis Mission School today - and had a pretty nice time. She loves riding on my back - its the only time she stays still. We crunched a bunch of leaves. Zoe is taking ballet and still loving dinosaurs - last night she and I went to the top of Bobcat hill with the telescope and froze our butts off but had a really good time - Oh, we have been plastering tracks (deer mostly) which is as much fun for me as it is for her (yes - I am a nerd). Also Zoe is proving to be a good shot with her bow and arrow - I was painting today way up on a 24 ft ladder and I told her that I bet she couldn't hit me. Pop! right in the butt. She called it a buttseye. The new baby does not yet have a name - but we are looking for girl names (3 in a row, baby). Ashley is having a really tough pregnancy - for awhile it was 4+ migraines a week along with some pretty significant leg numbness and vein issues. But we just found out that our biggest fear (DVT - deep vein thrombosis) has turned out to be just a femoral hernia. Big sigh of relief. I'm sure that there is plenty I am missing but that is the most recent stuff. We are always tired at the end of the day but there is plenty to smile about. I miss the Triabetes people and the anexiety over the event - but I have to say that life is very good.