Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cat is wiggling out of the bag

Dave, me, Reid before we froze our butts off.  The beard helped.  Its gone now.  Zoe is happy about that.
Esme already sticking her tongue out at the camera?
Trio of goobers
Trio of cuties
Jon - after the dino egg pinata - kind of stormtrooperish - this is an old pic from Zoe's birthday - we just found these on a camera.  We realized that we never did anything with them because it was just after these were taken that the blood clot was diagnosed.  That was 3 months ago.
Dino egg pinata - Zoe's 5th birthday.  What craftsmanship on the egg!
Zoe's birthday, obviously

Nice cake Zoe!  What kind of an artist could do that?
MawMaw, Zoe, Ash, Adia
Ashley's masterpiece - the sock horse.  It is really amazing what Ash can do with almost nothing.
I just like this, no real reason.  It makes me smile.
  • OK, I started this a week ago - and now I had to go back and redo it because it is now all old news.  And I'm in a rush, so it won't be too detailed.... but last weekend, the 3 triabetics - Dave, Reid, and myself went for a ride on an unexpectedly glorious day.  It ended up being about 40 miles and I was personally very happy blood sugar wise.  I didn't prepare at all with insulin, so I had my normal lantus circulating.  Then I forgot my gel stuff and didn't have any clif bars - so I stopped in at the convenience store and walked out with 5 candy bars and a honey bun!  I ate 3 bars and the honeybun and kept my sugar between 110 and 80 the whole time (tested 4x).  Now I didn't say it was healthy, but its nice knowing thyself.  It was a wonderfully fun ride, we laughed like crazy especially when it started to get dark... and very cold!  
  • In other news, a sickness descended on the Ahn house this weekend.  Zoe started throwing up Friday night and is still not feeling right (monday) - she has a security bowl now instead of a blanket!  But she has been a champ though this whole thing - I'm very proud of her.  Adia and myself are fighting off something as well but its not as bad.  Thankfully, Ash and Esme are doing great (fingers crossed).  We were supposed to go to Rock Hill for granny margaret's birthday and to see the family on saturday, but it was foiled again.
  • Wow, I just figured out how to put in bullets - this will help because blogger doesn't like paragraphs:)  Friday I got to do some unicycling with another student - Jordan - at the skatepark.  It was pretty fun - out of the 20 or so people there, a third of them were students or former students.  Street cred, ah yeah.  It is wonderful to have a place like the skatepark 1) for the obvious reason that it keeps kids in shape and 2) because many of the kids who skate aren't into other forms of athletics and need a place.  However, I did hear that they might tear it down.  Nice.  Why not remove the only thing these kids have?
  • I turned in my letter of intent the other day with a solid "unknown".  We have been looking to simplify things for a long time and to consolidate the obvious.  So with our dear friends, Jon and Carole, we have bought a house in Damascus, VA.  It is right on the South Holsten River and the VA creeper trail 3 mi outside of Damascus and 8 mi from Abingdon (by trail).  The creeper is a gravel bike trail (it was a railroad) and will make it so that I really can get by without a car.  2 miles by trail to the grocery store (one that sells a lot of local food).  It will be so nice to ride in the dark and not be worried about being killed, you know?  (at least not killed by a car!)  But we want to grow more of our own food and eat more locally.  That is my simple goal.  And now it is becoming time to step out and attempt it.  If we fail, then fine.  But if we succeed, then I will look back at this time as being a pivotal time in my life.  The community is pretty incredible there and Jon and Carole have already got involved in starting a co-op there and even been interviewed for a great article:  Bristol Herald Article
  • I made mozzarella cheese and butter for the first time the other day.  It was wonderful and simple and wonderfully simple.  Like alchemy, it just magically happens before your eyes.  Jon and I want to get a nice little Jersey cow... it would be terribly fun.  And a lot of work, but fun work.  The chickens are back to around a dozen a day.  I am going to try to feed them the whey from the cheese to boost protein.  We'll see.
  • My biology kids were out doing some microhabitat measurements the other day and we had found some bobcat scat on the trail behind the practice field when we were scouting for the microhabitat thing - but then we found a lot of bobcat scat ON THE FOOTBALL FIELD!  They loved it when I picked through it with my fingers - but among the bones and hair I found a bird beak!  Tres cool!  Then I sent a kid (Jonathan) up the trail with a radio to his favorite straight tree (good story, but no time) and on the way back down, who should he run into, but the bobcat!  To make the day even more amazing is that 2 other groups went up the trail at the end of class and jumped an 8 pt buck with a hanging antler!  They chased it, of course and got some grainy photos on their phones.  I told them all this was planned, of course.
  • Yesterday, Ash and I had the most amazing conversation.  This really isn't for the reader to know the details its just to mark the day I was reminded of how amazing my wife is.  Its so funny, when we both met we were so clueless - we are not much of a match (eharmony style)  and if we really thought about when we were still in school, we probably wouldn't have gotten married - but it seems that the universe has paired us up because we are both seem to be exactly what the other needs... on a spiritual level.  Tantalizing?  That's all you get!  Later.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thank you, snow

But I still haven't gotten any of the grading done I was supposed to do.  Today.  Yes, today I shall conquer the pile.  But we are probably going to go skiing again:)  A nice little snow hit the other day and this is now the 3rd snow day (I should be grading right now...of course, isn't assigning a grade a bit ridiculous?  Is grading the best way to help someone learn?  Did I learn to juggle a soccer ball, or keep bees, or even learn to love biology because of grading?  I don't think so.  In fact, grading is what drove me from biology in high school.  I understand feedback and critique... but grading? I'd better shut up now:)  As for this week.  Esme is doing fantastic and has gotten another chin off of her liebfraumilch diet.  Ash is doing well and is making the lovenox/coumadin transition to hopefully make this blood clot a memory only... and a bad one at that.  Adia is pretty much at that all around amazing stage - so sweet with Esme, so coordinated, so bald, and can't talk yet but communicates like crazy.  And Zoe switches back and forth between a kid that will push you over the edge of frustration over getting dressed and one that will simply melt your heart with love and pride.  Yesterday we went to App Mtn to ski and I took my snowboard (because she didn't need my help anymore) - we do 3 slow runs and she's cold and tired so we go in.  She says she wants to go home - doesn't really want to ski today.   I, being super-diabetic, recognize this as a possible case of "not-enough-food"...  Step aside, I say, I've seen this before... and in a flash I secure grape juice and seasoned fries.   I "talked" her into going back out... one more run she says.  We proceeded to close the place down.  She suddenly became fast.  We were playing follow the leader, racing down the hill.  It was wonderful.  And yes, that is a unicycle track in the snow.... I did get the "you are insane" from a neighbor down the road:)

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