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Cat is wiggling out of the bag

Dave, me, Reid before we froze our butts off.  The beard helped.  Its gone now.  Zoe is happy about that.
Esme already sticking her tongue out at the camera?
Trio of goobers
Trio of cuties
Jon - after the dino egg pinata - kind of stormtrooperish - this is an old pic from Zoe's birthday - we just found these on a camera.  We realized that we never did anything with them because it was just after these were taken that the blood clot was diagnosed.  That was 3 months ago.
Dino egg pinata - Zoe's 5th birthday.  What craftsmanship on the egg!
Zoe's birthday, obviously

Nice cake Zoe!  What kind of an artist could do that?
MawMaw, Zoe, Ash, Adia
Ashley's masterpiece - the sock horse.  It is really amazing what Ash can do with almost nothing.
I just like this, no real reason.  It makes me smile.
OK, I started this a week ago - and now I had to go back and redo it because it is now all old news.  And I'm in a rush, so it won't be too detailed.... but last weekend, the 3 triabetic…

Thank you, snow

But I still haven't gotten any of the grading done I was supposed to do.  Today.  Yes, today I shall conquer the pile.  But we are probably going to go skiing again:)  A nice little snow hit the other day and this is now the 3rd snow day (I should be grading right now...of course, isn't assigning a grade a bit ridiculous?  Is grading the best way to help someone learn?  Did I learn to juggle a soccer ball, or keep bees, or even learn to love biology because of grading?  I don't think so.  In fact, grading is what drove me from biology in high school.  I understand feedback and critique... but grading? I'd better shut up now:)  As for this week.  Esme is doing fantastic and has gotten another chin off of her liebfraumilch diet.  Ash is doing well and is making the lovenox/coumadin transition to hopefully make this blood clot a memory only... and a bad one at that.  Adia is pretty much at that all around amazing stage - so sweet with Esme, so coordinated, so bald, and ca…