Friday, May 30, 2008

Bittersweet Symphony

So, its been awhile. And its 11:11 - so I'll make a wish. I wish (hope) I don't get too wordy and end up staying up until midnight. I haven't blogged much and I haven't entered much data recently (sorry Nate and Peter - but I do have all the data ready to go thanks to those snazzy Polar watches)... But school is DONE! and I am ready to get back on the train. So here's the update. On May 10, Adia had her 1st Birthday party. We had a little get together at Valle Crucis Park... you know - the best little the world...even though its not as good as Jimmy Smith Park (for those of you not from Boone... you'll just have to youtube it) A lot of family came up from Greenville and Rock Hill and dang it if I didn't get everyone together for a picture. It was great to see Mallory (who drove!), Lee, Alex, Brendon, Gray, Kelli, Steve, Jan, and Morgan as well as the local crew. Ashley made some mean cakes and all I had to do was decorate them, eat tons of icing in the process (hello hyperglycemia) and take credit for it all. Nice deal. Adia seemed to enjoy the cake.... and the day. What an incredible kid.

The last few weeks then have been quite busy - I was a grading fiend the last few weeks of school and really neglected sleeping. On most days I would wake up at 4:30 and either go run 7 with Dave, Russ, and John or I'd wake up at 4:30 and grade. But its all good because it is DONE! We got some good running in as well as some longish run/bike combos. Swimming was totally neglected for the last month and when Dave and I went for a run/swim the other morning - we paid for it. No more neglecting swimming! Of course we go to the beach tomorrow and I can just swim a ton there... but then Peter had to tell his "I should have been eaten by a shark story" just to freak me out... so we'll see.

And then it got all sad. John and Maureen got everything packed up and drove off to Denver. The guy who got me to do an off-the-couch Ironman by giving me a hat... has gone. We went for a run that last morning and left it with "I'll see you in September". Its like Dave and I have to now become grown ups and finish this thing and stop depending on John. Crap. I will miss those guys (as well as the dogs - Seamus and Bailey... well, for sure Bailey) John has pretty much changed my life and added years to it...unless of course I drown in the pool, which seemed likely the other day. The pictures taken were at a little going away party the day before they left. Goodbye guys. You have left me with very little outlet now for inappropriate jokes.
So that brings us to tonight and graduation. I'm not going to say much - but watching kids graduate that I taught in 7th and 8th grade was pretty powerful and bittersweet. I wish them godspeed but in watching them fly away I realize that I am a part of their past. Goodbye guys.
Well, its 100 days until Ironman and I better stop blubbering. This summer will be intense, I think.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Wow. What a weekend - a lot of pain but worth it

Holy cow - look at that bald spot! Ok, the weekend began bad enough - I went for a run friday morning... 3 miles flat and I thought I was going to die. I was low, so that might have had something to do with it... So the next morning, Russ comes to pick me up and we head to Valle Crucis School to run the Valle Crucis 25K. It pretty much goes uphill for a very long way and just when your legs are jelly, it comes back on a very nice descent - only you are too far gone to appreciate it. Or you would be too far gone if your blood sugar was rounding up to 300 the entire uphill part which totally chokes off the muscles. Thankfully it plummeted the entire way down and I ended up testing 6 times and eating 3 packages of clif bloks... understand each package is like 2 gels. So my legs got worked by the diabetes. But it was a fun run and I got to hang out with some good friends like Wayne and Russ. Russ and I ran the entire thing together... he even waited while I tested all those times - and got passed by the same people over and over - we'd work to pass and then I'd stop - then we'd get passed - then we'd work.... you get the picture. It was enduring to ruin his race like that. However, he did get to float up the last hill which I was glad about - I finished in 2:16 - Russ was a minute or two faster. So then the great idea I had about bringing my bike and riding afterwards comes into play. I'm toast. I get on the bike and then have to ride about A MILLION miles uphill... that little muscle above the knee on the inside just cramped every time I pushed on the pedals. Ah joy. Dave and I and Jake went on a bike ride the next morning - about 30 miles - but it really brought my legs back... to where I could walk again - Dave has gotten loads better just in the last week - the guy is amazing. And he learned to drink from the water bottle while on the bike! Ash and the kids get home with the new dog Riley (after Radar O'riley - MASH) and he really is a super cool dog - but I didn't have time to hang with him because there was ANOTHER swarm in the little apple tree. It was another really amazing site. I called Amy who had lost a couple of packages recently (I had nothing to put them in) and she came over and we tried our best to get them in her hive. I really thought we got them in but I must have missed the queen. They made their way back to the tree and then swarmed off. We followed them way up the hill but they wouldn't land. So they are now off to replace the wild bee population that was decimated recently. So Ash and the kids and I and the dogs (plural now) then went to Valle Crucis park and Zoe swam in the river with her goggles on - chasing fish. Little bit of perfection there. We all migrated over the "Bridge to Terebithia" back to Valle Crucis school and let the dogs run and we all played on the playground equipment with no one else in sight. Very nice end to an eventful weekend. If only I had worked on some school stuff... oh well - there is always 5am - cause tomorrow is a rest day!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Valle Crucis 25K tomorrow

Tomorrow morning Russ is going to pick me up at 6:45 for the Valle Crucis 25K. So that's my old school - Russ teaches there - Dave teaches there - it seems fitting. Its only a couple of miles from my house. It should be good to run it with Russ... however I have this worry about him smoking me up the hill... or worse, making me stay with him up the hill. But all in all it should be fun. This last week of training was sketchy at best. I had a good last weekend - but was pretty tired the rest of the week. Feeling better now... except for some weird catch in my rib right in front of my heart... thankfully, it only hurts when I breathe... and sneeze. I'm trying to be a typical masochist triguy tomorrow by taking my bike to the race and going for a ride afterward. Like that will make up for last week. Michelle has her giant JDRF Gala in Wisconsin today or tomorrow and John and Maureen and some of the triabetes gang will be there. John finished school on wednesday and is planning on trying sleep again. I'm happy for him to be done... however, now that means that they are going to move back to Colorado. Best not to think about that right now. In family news - the girls are doing great - Adia is walking like crazy... and dancing... and really getting into stuff now. Its so wild to watch personality unfold. She demands a lot and really likes having her way. So that makes 3 women in this house like that. hmmm. Zoe is still huge on playing dinosaur and unicorn - but is now making others rather than just me and Ash do that - she's getting much better at going up to people and interacting (which means acting out something like dinosaur). Its fun to watch from outside the game. Ash and the kids are in Greenville this weekend to rescue a Cardigan Welsh Corgi (yes, its a sickness - but that's what makes us who we are, I guess) which is a low-rider border collie - its a herding dog and its a male, so I just need to be happy about that. A couple of days ago my hive swarmed....again. It landed on the same post. Jon was over again. It was a bit uncanny. We hived it and it seems to be doing well. It was a really neat experience. One hive has become 3. Oh, and I took off my first super of honey. I could hardly hold it. It was a magical feeling - harvesting something. And the chicks are doing great. 27 little guys -its so fun to watch them... not as much fun to clean out the water every day. Notice the bike on the trainer - I figured it was a nice touch - kind of like a diabetic triathlete farmer.... I like it. I should change the name to Triabubba - etes. There is probably something more clever out there. Sorry. The rabbits keep getting into their food.... which really is funny sometimes - they can get anywhere. Anyway - things are well and I really enjoy this spring - the running, and biking, and swimming are getting old, but the animals are fun ... our apple tree might have escaped the frost, too, in case you were as concerned as we were:) Peace