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Bittersweet Symphony

So, its been awhile. And its 11:11 - so I'll make a wish. I wish (hope) I don't get too wordy and end up staying up until midnight. I haven't blogged much and I haven't entered much data recently (sorry Nate and Peter - but I do have all the data ready to go thanks to those snazzy Polar watches)... But school is DONE! and I am ready to get back on the train. So here's the update. On May 10, Adia had her 1st Birthday party. We had a little get together at Valle Crucis Park... you know - the best little the world...even though its not as good as Jimmy Smith Park (for those of you not from Boone... you'll just have to youtube it) A lot of family came up from Greenville and Rock Hill and dang it if I didn't get everyone together for a picture. It was great to see Mallory (who drove!), Lee, Alex, Brendon, Gray, Kelli, Steve, Jan, and Morgan as well as the local crew. Ashley made some mean cakes and all I had to do was decorate them, eat tons of icing i…

Wow. What a weekend - a lot of pain but worth it

Holy cow - look at that bald spot! Ok, the weekend began bad enough - I went for a run friday morning... 3 miles flat and I thought I was going to die. I was low, so that might have had something to do with it... So the next morning, Russ comes to pick me up and we head to Valle Crucis School to run the Valle Crucis 25K. It pretty much goes uphill for a very long way and just when your legs are jelly, it comes back on a very nice descent - only you are too far gone to appreciate it. Or you would be too far gone if your blood sugar was rounding up to 300 the entire uphill part which totally chokes off the muscles. Thankfully it plummeted the entire way down and I ended up testing 6 times and eating 3 packages of clifbloks... understand each package is like 2 gels. So my legs got worked by the diabetes. But it was a fun run and I got to hang out with some good friends like Wayne and Russ. Russ and I ran the entire thing together... he even waited while I tested all those times …

Valle Crucis 25K tomorrow

Tomorrow morning Russ is going to pick me up at 6:45 for the Valle Crucis 25K. So that's my old school - Russ teaches there - Dave teaches there - it seems fitting. Its only a couple of miles from my house. It should be good to run it with Russ... however I have this worry about him smoking me up the hill... or worse, making me stay with him up the hill. But all in all it should be fun. This last week of training was sketchy at best. I had a good last weekend - but was pretty tired the rest of the week. Feeling better now... except for some weird catch in my rib right in front of my heart... thankfully, it only hurts when I breathe... and sneeze. I'm trying to be a typical masochist triguy tomorrow by taking my bike to the race and going for a ride afterward. Like that will make up for last week. Michelle has her giant JDRF Gala in Wisconsin today or tomorrow and John and Maureen and some of the triabetes gang will be there. John finished school on wednesday and is planning on…