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High life

This took a shocking amount of mental ability from me. For some reason I just had a block and had to think through this over and over and over and over.  It was so much easier than I thought it would be. I know this lesson - the hardest part is starting... The hardest cut is the first.  But we now (drumroll) have ended the camping phase.  We have a sink that no longer has bucket under it. We have a washing machine. Sure, we still shower in the apple tree, but that is by choice and by the grace of God.  It probably should have some sort of wall, however... But that is a project for a later date.
I am really tired. Once again I worked kind of furiously on the weekend only to do a stream sampling field trip today. Tomorrow I must have sub plans ready for the coast trip... Which was awfully stressful in its own right - but seems to be ok now ...36 hours before departure.  Perhaps I can unplug a bit on the trip... While I manage 63 people:). Gawd.
I did walk through the pasture and then thro…

Really? Busy.

I just need to write this to remember.  I am pretty exhausted.  So we moved in to our new place and even worse, we moved out of our old place and had to get it ready for renters.  Our deadline was August 1 - we made it but really just barely.  Juuust in time for school to start.  So right from working like mad to "finish" the house and move out to work days at school (lot of fun analyzing faulty data.. but it was back at my old school - room 507 - a tad difficult)  while trying to throw together the coast trip to getting ready for the first day of school.  That got me to Friday.  When I left Friday, I had a flat front tire.  It was raining.  Hard.  I pumped up a bit and took off to the grocery store and bank. After, I noticed that I still had some air, so I pumped it up at the gas station and took off.  I stopped at Straight Branch to check and pump up again.  It still had some.  So off I went.  I kept looking down at it to see.  Then around Beartree, it felt very flat.  It …