Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Out of the frying pan and into the freezer

My kind of dinner.  Last night I got a 20 lb turkey ready and today Ash baked it up perfectly.  So dinner time rolls around and I cut up the turkey and put the good cuts in storage and we all picked the carcass for dinner.  Wow, that sounds odd, but maaaan, was it tasty.  It was a stand-up affair.  I didn't make mashed potatoes or anything else that gravy would have been good on... if I had made gravy.  Instead, I brought home Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia and we washed down all that meat with ice cream - ate the whole thing.  My GOD, it was amazing.  Somehow those two liberal hippies got that flavor so right, it almost hurt.  I couldn't savor it, I had to devour it.   So right before bed I cleaned up the drippings and turned off the stock pot... and I couldn't help myself, but I opened the freezer and took a bite of the kids ice cream (Breyers chocolate chunk, btw) and I thought to myself, why the heck do I feel compelled to have that one last bite?  What does that say about me?  What does it say about the nature of satiation?  As usual, I didn't think too long about it.  I took yet another bite of chocolate chunk and closed the container and opened the freezer and reluctantly put it away.  When I did I noticed that there was an odd frozen shape in the freezer with what looked like grass in it.  I never noticed it before.  I was a bit taken aback.  Then I realized it was a snowman.  My children put a snowman in the freezer (it had to be Adia, actually) and we had turkey and ice cream for dinner.

Well that's just life isn't it?  Its odd and delicious and doesn't make sense and the great days that we had are put in the freezer with the dirt and grass and the damn automatic defrost takes the face off of it, but it still gives you a warm feeling to look at it when you put your kids' ice cream back after you raided that last undeserved bite.

What I really wish is that I could eat the sunshine on that cold day that we built that snowman... along with the sunshine from today that was tinged with the smell of baked turkey and the afterglow of Cherry Garcia.  Hell, I want to open the freezer and eat the sunshine of all the great days of my life and then come back an hour later and take

one. more. bite.

But like the snowman, most of my days are just not edible.  Nor are they in some container that can be opened.  They are memories.... and they are in a freezer that I can't even find, let alone open.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Ride through milk and honey

What a nice afternoon... I finished the bike. I bought the frame from Jason for 2 six packs and then I pieced the rest together from parts I had... Some of it was kind of creative (listened to Bob Dylan the whole time) I will build 29" wheels eventually, but I went with what I had for now.  It's a super cool 1x9 cross ride with mountain slick wheels and road levers on mountain discs. Mmmmmmmm.  To make it even more satisfying, I had to peen the scythe after .... New old reborn followed by old classic.  Then me and the kids made a pretty good salmon Alfredo and finished with a chess tournament.... Yep, pretty much uber nerd all the way, but that is who I am.  Jessa gave birth to a couple of beautiful kids the other day and Ash and I watched the birth.  She was milked today and Ash pulled 5 cups off just to let off pressure. And it was good tasting... First time.  Peg is due soon. The bees are strong. I suppose we are in the land of milk and honey... I'm older than I used to be, I'm younger than that now.

Monday, April 13, 2015

DUML and the Barn

So the Duke Marine Lab trip went really well.  Once again it was the best thing I do as a teacher... it is as close to education as I ever get.  The bonus this year is that students from 3 schools went and the teachers involved (Kim L, Marywood S, Eric H, and Lawrence C) are all pretty vested and willing to lead parts of the trip themselves.  I think we are going to try to expand - perhaps 2 busses and then the parts of the trip will be kind of a la carte.  And once again, its time for me to back away and give up the reins somewhat.  Thank you universe.  Every gift has a bit of work to do with it :)

There is also a video collection from the trip - its 20 min long, so caveat emptor.

Other than that, I am sick again - another invader landed in my chest and once I got my voice back, I just couldn't and can't stop coughing... again.  This has been the consumption winter.  I would like to breathe again without the rattle... oh well.

The barn is coming along great.  A milestone was passed - the subfloor is finished and it worked out great.  It suddenly went from a barn to a house.  I want to move in now.  We consolidated our loans and are now with a local bank and there is (almost) no note on the Konnarock land - just on Glade.  We are going to rent glade and even though its not until August, we already have renters lined up.  We also got approved for a USDA program to put up a high tunnel greenhouse - so everything is proceeding at a quick clip.

And a final poem - though it reads like a song.  Its choppy and I should work on it, but I am not going to:)

"A letter to my mirror"

I used to look into my own eyes
footsteps echo, perfect skies
I used to drink it up
right from that golden cup
Now I'm just tryin'
to be free

Muddy puddles held me fast
don't reflect the me at last
now even in
a silver glass
its hard to see
beyond my past
perhaps, finally
I'm on my way
back to me

Now I look out my window
trade what I feel for what I know
I see the world outside
in that soft light
perhaps I lost myself
without a fight
I never had
the gift of sight...

I could only ever feel
now, which illusion's real?
perhaps, finally
I'm on my way
back to me