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IronFAN t-shirts!

Want to join the millions of people in their crazed frenzy over the Triabetes project?? OK - it may not be millions....yet! Michelle is printing up these T-shirts for friends and family and fans - $10 each and you can get them from her blog - If that doesn't work, just let me know ( and I'll get one to you. Also - if anyone wants to follow any Triabetic's race on Sept 7, you can go to and type in your athlete's bib number to see how the day is going for them. We won't have our bib numbers until just before the race - but I will update the blog when we get them. If you follow me, just be prepared to stay up late!

Mercy me, I see the taper

A friend once told me the difference between Grace and Mercy. Mercy is when you don't get what you do deserve and Grace is when you do get what you don't deserve. Well, I was the full recipient of ironman grace this weekend. Dave and I had planned on a 7 hour ride-run on sunday and it turned out that Jon and Carole were going to their house in Damascus. So we arranged to ride to Damascus and do a run on the creeper trail - which was flat and soft. I had told myself that this would be my last long day in prep for the race...that after this, it would be all downhill. Well I had some concerns - mainly with my knee. Its been hurting whenever I try to run even though I have hardly been trying to run for quite awhile now. In fact on Thursday I had an issue (not so much pain as just something there) after just jogging slow (and having my HR go crazy) with the stroller for 3 miles. Well, I figured that I would do this last long thing and suffer. But after an absolutely glorious Sun…


Well its 32 days until Ironman. I am 35 years old. My blood sugar at lunch was 39 yesterday. I swam 32 laps at lunch to make a mile yesterday. When I got out of the pool my blood sugar was 39 again. Holy cow, everything is happening fast. Last week I did the Making a Difference camp at the High School and had a good time at that but realized that I was now on work schedule and summer was officially over. This week school starts and all the stress that goes with that. Dave and I did a swim brick this weekend out in Hampton, TN. We swam for an hour and rode for 3. The wind was decent and we got to feel what roughish conditions were like. All went well, though and it was good to not be in a pool. We just hugged the shoreline because there were a lot of boats out. Monday I had to get in a 4 hour ride (I only did 3.5) - I rode for 2 hours on the trainer from 4:30 to 6:30am (which really isn't much fun) and then I hit the road when it got light and went to our first school workday. I sh…