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Pendulum swingin

Got to love blogger.... with FB around, a blog is like the private journal - where one can work out their junk or muse on life and it doesn't go on some timeline. So its Christmas Eve - and I have spent most of the year too busy... so that just about everything suffers a bit. I used to do fewer things barely well enough... now I do a whole lot more things barely well enough - which I accomplished by eliminating any selfish time spent on my health. For the past half-year, I really just forgot the lesson of Triabetes... essentially that I have to take care of myself and give it the priority that I give much of the other stuff in my life. I have started running again. I'm not knocking it out or anything, but I do find myself occasionally really really happy while plodding along some dark street. And that is a good thing. I'm also going through some bizarre period of massive change in my brain. As I close in on 20 again, I feel like I am finally fixing some stuff in me…