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Birthday thoughts

So... I'm 40 now. Its not that big a deal - mentally I am still such a child, so body and soul average out to somewhere in the late 20's I think. Today was such a really good day - and it all centered around wonderful wonderful food. Here is quick run down - an early morning wonderful tiramisu followed by a wonderful second period chocolate chip cookie cake made by the special education students... a gift that included one of the best hugs ever and a great "happy birthday" song. My second period enjoyed the cookie cake like nobody's business. Truman brought me a surprise chocolate cupcake in 3rd... then lunch began with flan from Luis. Hoffman, Luis, Jose, and I shared an amazing prima Genoa salami and perfect Italian bread and we ended it with amazing Babycakes cupcakes from Jose and Luis and Scott. At home the feast continued - Ash had smoked salmon on crackers, Gouda, guacamole and blue tortillas, prosciutto and sweet peppers, a nice mocha stout, then …