Friday, June 12, 2009

School is OUT!

Finally! after a long end, school finally ended. Now we can begin to concentrate on our move to Damascus, VA. Jon and Carole have been working nonstop for the last few months getting the house in order. We are trying to rent our place now and that should totally determine how fast we make the move. In the last few weeks, I have been rather cranky - but now much of the stress is off and its time to renew. My thoughts go out to the 5 people at Watauga High that lost their jobs on the last day of school. We lost 16 positions total and I'll be surprised if we don't lose more in the next year. All the talk about "don't worry" was just talk, as usual. I am happy for our choice to go to Damascus - it kind of insulates us from some of the financial world madness. Even if I lose my job, we are not hopeless - we will have a lot less expenses there because we are sharing everything. The experiment begins soon. We will set up a real website to chronicle the journey - I even bought the domain yesterday... nothing is there yet but it will be at - it pretty much sums up what we are doing.

Adia at Valle Crucis park at Aspen's birthday

Katherine (who I work with) and her brother Keith are great paddlers and I tagged along with them down Wilson's creek. We had a blast - my shoulders are really sunburned in that PFD style. It was Dave's (old student....sold him my old boat - that's not it, however) first real paddle and he did amazing. Ah, time goes by. It was so nice to get thrashed around again:)
This is up on Bobcat hill - we go up there to look for tracks, bobcat scat, and to feed the horses. Adia loooooves horses.
Aspen's birthday party - his parents (not shown) are pretty wonderful people that we are lucky to know.
Adia and a sheep. yep, that says it.

Dave at Wilson's creek - I have some other videos posted at Facebook if you are interested. But no way I am going through the time to repost again. Bye!