Monday, June 30, 2008

A lesson in nutrition

Things were going well. I felt like I was coming along at a pace that would get me through ironman in a few months. Over the last few weeks I've done a 2 hour swim in a lake - and the wetsuit made it sooo wonderful. I hate the pool now. Just like Dave said. We've done some longer bike rides and runs and bricks and its all been pretty comfortable. Then Saturday Dave and I did Blood Sweat and Gears (the 50 - it was donated to us as a training ride because of Triabetes and the fact that it takes off from Valle Crucis School) - after that I planned on running 14 (a double cub). Well I rode well (for me) and was done with the rather hilly ride in 2:52 but was beginning to cramp up at the end. Well the run was miserable... I mean M I S E R A B L E. I was cramping all over and it was hot...for us. A 7 mile run that usually take me 1 hour (mostly uphill) took me an hour and a half. I found out later that 1) I need to drink more and 2) I need a whole lot more electrolytes. Gatorade/Vitalyte stuff alone won't cut it. I was totally planning on having a nice training day and I got a big lesson in not being stupid. Which totally freaks me out for the Grandfather mountain marathon in a few weeks. Tomorrow Dave and I are going to do 10 up and 10 back on the course (20 total) to get a feel for it. I will drink and suck down electrolytes. My sugar levels have been pretty good, however. We had a diabetic cookout yesterday for many of the type 1 students and parents up here and I got to meet a woman named Bianca who is going to create a Diabetes lifestyle family retreat up here. There are some exciting things going on - I will update more on that later. Oh and Matt showed us the pictures from his Utah canoe trip with Peter and insulindependence....very sweet. Well, I'm off to the doctor to find out how much worse my A1C is than Dave's. He tagged a 5.8 - who can compete with that? If I get in under 7 this time, I'll be happy.

OK - I'm back - 6.2 A1C....yes!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Late night update

Its almost 11 and I just wolfed down a burrito and chips and some of Ashley's birthday cake...yum. I just wanted to update everyone on Dave (and me). Saturday we went on a 65 mile ride, monday we ran 14, tonight we rode 28 and then ran 10.8 ....and yesterday dave did a triathlon (and I think he did something sunday, too). We were running tonight and were amazed at how we felt - we were keeping a pretty consistent 8:30 mile for the entire time and it felt great. For the first time this thing is feeling doable. I'm sure that experienced people and triathletes will scoff as our amazement, but in the dark we went back and talked about where we started this thing. Dave has gotten so much faster. It was really ridiculous to jump into an ironman like we did, but dang it if we aren't heading toward dave's 1st phrase at the sign up - "I'm a type 1 diabetic and I'm doing the ironman". This project has given us so much and changed our perspectives so radically that it has gone beyond a project or a goal and has become a life changing event. Oh, on our run/bike last thursday - a severe thunderstorm was going through and we ran anyway (I did change out of my see through white shorts and ran in my bike shorts - hello chafing) - lightning was all around and we kind of joked our way through it - we figured that some higher power really wants us to do the ironman (because it is opening doors and changing lives left and right) and so we were safe - thank goodness because a bolt hit really close and was crackling the power lines around us...

Monday, June 9, 2008

North Myrtle Beach, Baby

Ok, so I finished school on Thursday - used 2 snow days that I had that I never had to use and we went to the beach on Saturday for a week. It was a really great opportunity - a friend of Kathy's just called her up and said that someone had cancelled from renting her place at the beach and would we all want to go? Well, yea! We took our cousin Morgan and she and Zoe had a blast. We did a lot of wave riding, coquina clam catching, mole crab hunting, sand castle building, did some kayaking to the pristine Waties Island, did some crabbing, eating, sleeping, etc. All good vacation stuff. I didn't take my bike and I was freaked out about swimming in the estuary (hello bull shark...or perhaps sand tiger) after Peter's close call - so that left running. The first day I ran 8 in the middle of the day. After that close call with death, I ran earlier or later. I did a few 12's and some shorter runs - all in all it was good. Except for the 7 miles I ran one night. I didn't prepare in terms of insulin or food - I was 128 when I left so I popped 3 cookies and away I went. Big mistake. By 1.7 miles...oddly enough, right next to a McDonalds...I tested. 47. Nice. I haul my pale, sweating face into Mickey D's and pull out my emergency $2 bill and get a small drink. The person at the counter took one look at me and handed me the cup and my money back. I filled it up a few times with something like Hawaiian punch and downed a pure fit bar. I figured I would be good to go. So off down the road I go. I end up running on Hwy 17 in a stretch that might as well be purgatory. There is nothing there. Its a 2 mile stretch between Hooters and the Mall. Tons of cars and a tiny path that can barely be seen. Then it hits. Aside from having a full stomach of Punch and chocolate bar - my intestines decide to revolt. Make it to the Mall, I thought. After what seemed like forever, I get to the front doors of the mall just as the security guard is locking up. So I test. 56. Nice. I ate a couple packs of gummy somethings... legos, I think....and my stomach is as full to the brim. Off I go. Low and really suffering intestinally. After another eternity...with some brief stops to do my Lamaze breathing... I make it back to the Mickey D's...which can't be good in terms of karma - they were so nice to me and I was so bad to them...So I test again. 57. Sweet. I've been running low the entire time, why stop now? So off I go the last 2 miles without eating anything. Did I mention that it was super humid and hot, too? All in all a really pleasant time. I woke up the next morning over 300. That's triabetes for you....Diabetes with a sense of madness.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Dang it Michelle

OK - I'm at the beach and the air is thick with oxygen - but it is also full of water and a remarkable amount of heat. I went for an 8 mile run yesterday at 1pm.... without eating. I was 200 and figured it would be a good time to sweat it out. Wow. Miserable. 200 didn't last long (my Lantus peaks midday - I know that, what was I thinking?) and coupled with 90 degree 90% humidity... I kind of missed the low until I was Dave. So I just ate and suffered, ate and suffered. Oh, and walked. Sheesh. So this morning my legs still felt yuck and I was going to put off the run. Then Michelle sends an email saying that she went for 75mi ride yesterday and that Anne texted her after her 18 mile run. Who invited these women? So now I am guilted into doing 10 this morning when I really don't want to. Thanks, Michelle.

Fast forward a few hours - ended up going 12 miles - no shot - started at 200 - went to 224 - then 140 (eating) then 100 (eating) then 72 (eating - running the last mile low was fun). Thanks, Michelle.