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I have been gone for a looong time.  But as life tends to do, it teaches lessons all the time - and all I have to do is pay a little bit of attention.  Well, the most recent lesson I have learned is that I have an amazing family and I am a complete moron for losing touch with them for so long.  The past weekend, Zoe and I zoomed down to Atlanta to see my Korean side of the family.  It was all my Dad's sisters and whoever else could make it.  It was a mountain of food, laughs, and love.  It was wonderful.

Here is what every reunion needs... a snake - and it wasn't me!  The real men (brother in law Dave, cousin Caleb, and myself) went down to the river to muck around a bit while the less manly crowd went to get steaks and alcohol:)  But we came upon this black rat snake (Elaphe obsoleta, of course) at the trail head and I really got to turn into "Mister Science Teacher" for my 6th grade cousin.  Yes, he's like 12 or 13.  Yes, he could thrash me.  But he's sooo c…

Bye Bye Clot!

Just a quick post.  Ashley got her leg scanned yesterday to see how the clot was doing.  We both just figured that it would be solidified and stable and maybe Ashley could get of coumadin.  We figured that things were going fine, but the scan showed
God, that is such a relief.  Something that caused so much anxiety and pain for so long... to be gone and having blood flowing is wonderful.  Thank you to whatever grace delivered that.  And today she got the news that she could get off coumadin.   And today we got the news that the balance of $800 that we owed the hospital is now zero.  Good couple of days.


It was a long time coming but last weekend was magical.  And I really won't do it justice here but I need to at least report it.  I got to meet my long lost sister. Thats right (technically half sister, but I'm counting her as full).    Her name is Liza and she lives in Atlanta and is married to a super cool guy named Tony.  She is absolutely wonderful - an absolute force of nature - if there was a "beautiful day" equivalent to a hurricane, it would be Liza.  I have always been a bit reserved when it comes to expressing how I feel towards people and it has done me no good in my life.  Liza thankfully has none of that and even better, she spreads it like a breath of fresh air on these wonderful spring days we've been having.  Any person that gets others to say "I love you" easily - is in touch with some greater force.  Thank you Liza.  
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