Bye Bye Clot!

Just a quick post.  Ashley got her leg scanned yesterday to see how the clot was doing.  We both just figured that it would be solidified and stable and maybe Ashley could get of coumadin.  We figured that things were going fine, but the scan showed


God, that is such a relief.  Something that caused so much anxiety and pain for so long... to be gone and having blood flowing is wonderful.  Thank you to whatever grace delivered that.  And today she got the news that she could get off coumadin.   And today we got the news that the balance of $800 that we owed the hospital is now zero.  Good couple of days.


Evaline said…
Praise God! I'm really excited to hear that that worked out for you, Mr. Ahn, and I'm happy that you found your sister too. :D

(By the way, this is Evelyn.)

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