Saturday, January 24, 2015

Oppa Birthday Style

Hey Esme!  Happy birthday, kid!

I can't believe that the years keep drifting by.  I swear you were just born... but you are quickly becoming "not a kid".  And I am quickly becoming your "old man".  I love you and I love that you are my daughter.

We had a good birthday season - the kids have started roller skating and that means that I have started roller skating too :)  But its just like the old days... same music.  I swear, a disco ball and roller skates? does it get any better?  Should I have admitted to that??

I have turned 42... I think.  I played soccer this morning and nutmegged someone... so I am not quite dead yet.  My kids printed the cave map I made and mounted it for me - and we had a korean birthday dinner... bulgogi and tempura... it was amazing ... all the while "gangnam style" blasting... no sitting, just standing and eating as the food comes off.  It was nice.

We were all sick for the last, oh, 4 or 5 weeks... whatever that respiratory sickness that was going around.... I do not want that again.  And I do not want my family to have it either.  But we are heading to the end of it I think and I am headed toward February in good spirits. 

I am doing OK, the future is wide open, I am trying to become a better person no matter how much I keep failing.... and that is as good as it gets, I think.  I hope y'all are.

1/25/2015 update edit.  Zoe and I rode horses into town while the girls rode their bikes and Ash ran/walked.  That was fun - but then I took the kids to go skate again and we went non-stop for 3 hours.  Esme learned to propel herself on her own and Adia got to where I couldn't go fast enough to wreck her:)  We would all join hands and go around the ring together - it would take all I had to pull them in the turns... I was on the inside, then Es, Adia, and Zoe... who had some centripetal acceleration to deal with:)  I learned to skate backwards.  It turns out that I love skating.  The lights, the 80's movie song hits... phrases go through my mind like "nobody puts baby in a corner" and "enemy deserve no mercy" and "this thing corners like its on rails"... its almost a meditation... and it had better be, because there aren't many guys out there and I am definitely the oldest... but I don't act it... and at this rate, I never will.