Saturday, February 23, 2008

OK, now I'm back, or what's left of me

Zoe made this for me. Will just melt a scrooges' heart.
The Man-a-gon... or Man-wagon.... or Mini-man - yeah, that fits.
Ol' Nev - what a sweetheart
I need to say nothing about this picture.
So, I think I am back - and thank goodness, because cameraman Ray is here. I still cough, but now its without the dry-heaving. I went for a run friday night and did fine. We went for a run at Bass lake this morning - maybe around 6 miles. Then we went to ASU and did a mile. It was a sweeeet place. I'd never seen a swimsuit centrifuge before - but country came to town today. There was a scale there. I thought I was at 165. I am at 157.6 lbs. That would be somewhere around the middle of high school. With winds the way they are up here, I might really blow away. I have been snacking on butter, eating straight cream cheese - nothing works. However, it might translate into some fast biking - and in the pool today I was faster than I'd been... though that was probably the camera
The family might be getting out of Sickville - still plenty of snugy noses and coughs, but much better. Nev (the dog) is doing well. Russ is conquering the Black Mountain Marathon today and is officially leaving his title of OCM (off the couch monster) in Asheville. Someone will pick it up - Russ has gotten years out of it, but now he's just "M".

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I'm back?

Well, I have been sick for 4 days and felt like death. My blood sugars have been through the roof. I finally was feeling ok again and rode the trainer in the morning. Then last night I bundled up Adia and went for a moonlight run on the greenway. My legs felt incredibly good and my lungs were ok - kind of painful - I had to spit a ton. I thought things were great, though. Then at mile 3, I just started walking - I wasn't out of breath, wasn't really tired. I just proceeded to dry-heave like crazy. I'm surprized that I didn't throw up - lots of mucusy foam did manage to be spat ....nice. I continued to then cough and dry-heave my way back to the car. Then I coughed all night.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Ch Ch Ch Change

Ok, its Saturday morning and a lot has happened. Last week, we parted with the beloved CRV (which Zoe always called Tommy) with all its stickers and roof rack and traded it for a Toyota Sienna (which Zoe has named Restaurant.... what can I say?)... yes, it is one step below a vasectomy as I am now in the minivan clan... that clan being Dave and Emily's fault. It was a couple of years older than our CRV but was well taken care of and had the exact same miles and we got a 2 year warranty and a little money back, so it was rather painless. However, the roof rack will be up shortly and stickers will begin to accumulate. You know, pimp my ride, G. As for training, I began riding in the morning and swimming on my planning period - that saved tons of time because I wasn't getting a whole lot done on my planning period anyway. Now that I know that works, I have to convince the powers that be that I'm not spending any less time on school, just being a better manager of time. The rabbit that Ashley rescued was indeed pregnant and first gave birth to 2 babies, but never made a nest and they died. But the next day she had made a nest and she had given birth to two more babies and they are doing fine. They are actually all fuzzy now and moving around but still don't have their eyes open. Very cute. Goes well with my minivan. Yesterday, I woke up feeling like craaaaapp. Mild flu like stuff. Kind of chilly, achy, head hurting, lungs full of junk, overall miserable. I went to school thinking I could just take my kids outside and not infect them. But it was cold and windy and after a period of that, I went home. I feel a whole lot better this morning... head is full of mucus but thats it. Maybe it will be short lived (although Ash had this a few weeks ago and she's still dealing with the mucus). Haven't felt that bad in a long time. I should have never gone to school. A little irresponsible on my part. Its odd, though - my blood sugars have been really good. On other diabetes news, I've got my team in order for the 24 Hour Blue Planet Run ( and its all diabetic, baby. There are 4 adults (me, dave, john, ried) and 5 students (chris, cory, jakob, patrick, and matt). Its not too far away (Lake Eden - Black Mountain) and all proceeds go to fund clean water initiatives in Africa. One of the kids, patrick, was just diagnosed a few weeks ago. We are all going to have a big dinner next weekend to support patrick and to plan out the details of the race - and Cameraman Ray will have flown in that weekend - so the whole thing should make for some great documentary fodder. I'm really excited about this. The triabetes fundraiser in the schools went much slower than I thought, but I would think we could get some people behind these kids and diabetes. So we'll see. And now we are at today. Ash has been searching for a husky (like our old dog, Sera) to rescue. Basically we have been looking for dogs to replace our first two great ones for the last many years. We have, embarassingly, gone through a decent number of dogs. All from the humane society or pound. All with some pretty odd problems. This guy is coming up from Johnson City to kind of "interview" us with the dog. We'll see how that goes. I'm happy that this guy cares that much. Oh, and we did our taxes late one night last week and it appears we are going to survive another year. So things are going pretty OK.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

And so it Carharts

Well, I learned some things. I took Adia in the jogging stroller on Saturday to Moses Cone Park (gravel carriage trails) and bundled her up and was able to run for 2 hours while she slept. It was pretty nice - no guilt about leaving the kids with Ash, plenty of space for water and food. That might be a lifesaver. Yesterday, the training officially started. 30 weeks and counting. Now we have to keep track of blood sugars, exercise, and food - Dr. Chuck at ASU is beginning the study. On monday, I woke up early and rode for 45 minutes on the trainer - BS was 190 in the morning. I ate a couple of eggs and toast after that and went to school. I was 107 at lunch and ate rice and tempe. I was low by the end of school and had a pop tart. Met Ash in town for a 4 mile run and realized I forgot my shorts. No worries, though - I had my Carharts on (I always have my carharts on) and off I went - half way through I was 51. I ate pasta last night and figured I'd go high, but woke up this morning at 95. Oh, and my alarm was set for 4:30 and I didn't wake up until 6. Not to happy about that. I really need to ride before I leave in the mornings. Day 2 is starting with a fizzle.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Ironman Dream

Don't be fooled by the title... its not some inspirational piece - this was an actual dream I just had (its like 3:15 am)... and actually it was a nightmare. I'm still sweating. I remember us all being on some beach... we were swimming in the waves and then it turned into the competition. The waves were amazing and relentless.... no one could get through them... we all kept getting washed back to shore. Dave said something about going deep and we both dived and held our breaths for a looong time.... I have images of huge waves barrelling overhead. When we surfaced, we were on the other side of the breakers...but the water was now like some huge reservoir and we were near a giant concrete wall.... but miracle of miracles... it was shallow right up near the edge! We ran in waist deep water! Which was very helpful... seeing as we were pulling what seemed to be a comforter through the water.... I haven't figured that one out either. Well, it was no time and we were across - I remember a sign with a little drawing of the water and the numbers 2.4 and a "you are here" written where the 2.4 was.... I felt great relief at that sign for some odd reason... Transition time - this started funny because Dave and I were the 1st out of the water. But then I couldn't figure anything out. Do I put my shoes on? What shirt do I wear? Wait a minute, I only brought the old bag that I keep my mountain bike stuff in! I rummaged through for a really long time. People came... people left. Dave was apparently having the same issues. It got busy in transition... then to our horror, it got quiet... everyone had come and gone. Just before getting on the bike, I realized I should test - someone in transition had a meter and I borrowed it... but then missed the results of the test and had to show her how to find it... I was getting desperate.... my blood sugar was 26. Oh no, I thought, I will have to eat! I didn't bring anything!! There was some food at transition for some reason and I ate yogurt raisins and finally got on the bike. Of course, for some reason it started in a mall. I was riding on that short carpeting and having to make a ton of turns - none of which were marked and the people who were supposed to be there to tell me to turn weren't paying attention - I'd go past and they'd yell "come back! Turn here!" I finally made it to some roads... in Mexico, of course... I've never been to Mexico, but there I was. The bike was not comfortable at all and I realized that it was because the bike child seat was on the back! Nice touch. Oh, and I was wearing jeans. I made it to some town (I think I called it Mexico City) and would occasionally see random people I knew and then I saw my dad and I stopped and took off the child seat and gave it to him.... I whined about not preparing for this at all (not athletically, just in bringing stuff) I don't remember what shirt I had on, but dad gave me this orange and yellow safety vest... by safety vest, I mean it was an actual life preserver! Dave went by and slowed down... which was really good of him... and off we went.... the last thing I remember was the realization that Michelle was going to beat me in the bike (we have this ongoing smack talk about the bike part) ... and up I woke.... sweating. OK - if you are a psychoanalyst, I really don't want to hear from you. And I have no idea where John was. To try to explain - after school today, Dave and I picked out the bike he is going to get.... more on that later.... but that had to be some subconscious fodder. Oh, and I'll end on a good note. This evening I ran 4 miles at a 7:45 pace (which is huge for me) and then ran another mile or so to Chic-fil-a. It felt great.... well, the Chic-fil-a part did.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

"PECE" Y'all

Wow. A lot has happened in the last week. After the last post, the whole family got sick. Nothing too major - snot much of a problem... It hit Ash worst, me next, the kids were just a bit drippy...oh, and Adia really hasn't been sleeping that great. But all in all, nothing really to complain about. The picture here is of a surprize that Zoe made for me today - she called me at school to tell me about it... to tell me that she was making a surprize. Ash then said that she was writing this word over and over - "PECE" - Ash asked what she was writing, Zoe says "Peace, you know, its in the bedroom" We have a peace flag in there and she remembered it by the letters on her own. She wasn't going back and forth. Pretty freaking cool... odd, the wisdom of children sometimes. On other fronts - the rabbit (that was an old breeder that Ash rescued from the pet store (they just gave it to her)) had 2 babies the other day (they warned her that the rabbit might be pregnant). She made no nest and Ash found them on the cold floor. They died. Rather difficult to grasp. But then the next day we found that she had made a nest... and in the nest were 2 warm babies. That was a good thing. We got a cool new renter in the apartment - has a dog of course, but it seems cool..with a bit of hound. On the Triabetes front, we (and Dave and Em) made the decision (with massive amounts of help from Nate) to go to Diabetes Training Camp next month... in Santa Barbara. It should be a tremendous learning opportunity, bonding experience, and good time. I think we figured out a way to get Dave a bike - he's going to come over today and we'll figure it all out and order the sucker. And I booked a flight to Boston this morning to go to the NSTA conf to pick up the Vernier grant. It has been nuts but the future seems filled with promise...not too bad. I didn't run much the last few days due to being sick, but I ran yesterday morning - 36 minutes for my route - its not that major - 4.5 mile route - but I've used it as a measure of my fitness. It wasn't that long ago that 45 minutes was the best I could do.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Breaking new ground?

I've been a bit swamped with school the last few days but here are a few updates. I began training my sleeping habits - I got up at 4 am 4 days this week (one of them was at 3...but that was my daughter's fault). I wasn't training any harder - but if I start doubling the time I need to spend on training, I know I can't count on evenings... I don't want to cut into drawing dinosaurs (Zoe) time, playing unicorn time (Zoe), changing poopie diapers (Adia) time...actually, I would rather enjoy cutting into that last time. It worked OK... as long as I don't complain about it. I did some swimming with a small thought about workout. I used to just swim a mile. Now I am doing 200's and trying to keep the time under 4 minutes. It hurts me, but it's ok. We had an ice storm friday and got the day off which was nice...seeing as I had some tests to grade which I didn't have graded...still don't have graded. We ate dinner with Jon and Carole and Jim and Diana friday night and really had a good time. It was good to (re)connect and talk about hopes for the future - like gardens, chickens, etc. But we got home a bit late and I didn't call Russ (like I said I would) to go for a I sent an email saying I would be up at 6:30 if anyone wanted to go. I didn't expect any calls -but I was up and reading the book about Team Hoyt when a spooky pale hand waved through the kitchen window in the dark - it was John - "lets go for a run" We went fast for me - about 8 miles - but it was especially good because we got to catch up and connect and vent. I felt much better mentally after the run...I said mentally. On the way back, we tested and were 80... together - he was 50 and I was 30... and that was after no insulin that morning. In another Triabetes news, I talked to Peter (which I hadn't) and we really connected - he is doing what I consider the truest form of education - experiential - and he does it for diabetics. How freaking cool. Great adventures. I have real hopes for being a part of his dream in the future. We'll see. Ironman first. I am going to take Zoe to Boston to get the NSTA grant I got - we'll hit the aquarium and Harvard's museum of Natural History... that could be really cool. I sent out 400 fundraising letters last week and have started getting some back - I have about 300 to go - I'll get those out this week... try to help keep the project afloat. The film crew will be in Boone on the weekend of the 23rd! All is going well - but we are coming down with some minor illness - stuffed up - sorry for the jumbled report. Later