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Ok, it has been awhile. But trying to train for three sports and have a family (and a job) make blogging a few notches down on the post. However - I had to today. I went for a nice run this morning with Neve (our dog) out at Moses Cone - I ended up going almost 15 miles and felt really good - not much different from any other run. I kept my blood sugar in line the entire time. I get home around lunchtime and call Jon to come over and set up his top-bar beehive (I have bees - Jon is going to set up a different kind of hive next to mine) and plan out the garden and chickens (chicks should be here this week!) Once his hive is in place we can order the bees. Well, he's had this thing for a year and today we walk up behind my house to set it up and lo and behold - there is a swarm of bees (my bees swarmed) sitting on a post. Amazing. We got a nuc and set out to catch the swarm. Bees are amazingly non-stingy when they swarm, so Jon held the nuc and I scraped them into it with …

NSTA, mornings, and Basketball

Ok, it has been awhile - but I simply think that is how its going to be until the summer and then September (Ironman). I came home from Diabetes Training Camp (see previous blog for address and "you gotta go" info) after missing a week of school just in time for spring break to start. It was a difficult transition but somehow I pulled through:) However it was only for a few days because I had to go to Boston to the National Science Teachers Association national conference to pick up a grant I had won from Vernier Technologies - this sounds very cool and all but on a worthiness scale, I'm not sure mine cut it. So I flew out of Greenville and dropped the family off at Ashley's mom's. I got to Boston and got to my hotel kind of late and just went out to get a bite and crashed. The next morning I was going to go for a run and it was raining and cold. So I pulled on my shorts and the rest of the clothes in my suitcase and headed out. It was very Boston - I went out ac…