Saturday, December 27, 2008

Its a mixed up amazing life and a MUni to boot

 Wonderful, bizarre, heartbreaking, fulfilling, enlivening, beautiful, satisfying, disappointing, peaceful, stressful, unsure, secure, fun, happy... yeah, I think that pretty much sums up the holiday season for me.  It all began with exams...those works of wonder conjured up by the state to give a uniform standard of measure no matter what the cost - emotionally, academically, or financially.  And once again I got to watch students who know the subject well enough fail because they don't read/comprehend multiple choice questions real well.  And by fail, I mean that they pass the class and the exam but they don't score quite high enough on the exam to be given credit.  So they don't fail, but they do.  The system is bizarre and hurtful.  Oh, and did I mention that its kind of a ju-ju as to how the test is graded.  Some questions don't count, but no one knows which ones those are.  Its all a mystery wrapped in an enigma, balled up in a piece of toilet paper.  Its frustrating.  At the same token, there are plenty of students who don't know the subject well enough but are really good at multiple choice.  They always do fine.  After all, passing can be as low as the single digit percentile rank some years.  OK, must move on.  Christmas was really nice.  Kathy came up a day early and just as she was getting here a quick rain sprinkled over the area turning the cold roads to ice.  I picked her up at Valle Crucis and we crept back to the house.  Christmas ended up being a bit excessive.   And we really tried to tone it down.  Grandparents don't help at all here.  All I can say is that we got more than we deserve.  We bought one big gift for each person and did the same for Heifer International.  Ash got a sewing machine, the kids got a nice table and chairs, Zoe got a great handmade doll, Adia got a nice toy piano, and I got the gift of gifts.... the mountain Unicycle...MUni for the uninitiated.   So I guess I win.  I feel like Ralphie on "A Christmas Story"...  "I want an orange Nimbus 24 inch MUnicycle with a leopard 3 inch tire and Kris Holm cranks"  Ah, if it only had a compass in the stock.  I fighting off the urge to go outside to look at it right now.   Yes, I do have issues.  Some unicycling is coming back to me, however... like weakness and pain -  I forgot how unicycling brings out those feelings - but it will be a long time before I venture on a trail.  It does fill a needed place in my life however.  I'm not training for anything, I will soon have no time (after the baby is born) - so I needed something that could really work me over that I could do in my backyard or while walking with the kids... and the MUni has the added benefit of being dangerous... and wicked cool!  Score.  Now if I could only get over this soreness...
I tried to get out to Damascus the day after christmas with the kids, but had a break issue show up again after a hiatus - it must be dragging caliper or something.  We let it cool off in Mountain City and played in a graveyard...well, near a graveyard.   And then on the way back spent some fun time at the Old Mabel School.  It was so warm, Zoe and Adia both got in the creek...briefly.  I got a short bike ride in in the wonderful weather as well.  Then today Kelli and Gray came up for a visit.  They brought Teri's kids rabbit for us to keep.  We promised we'd try not to kill this one.  Although it is quite stout and I joked about frying or stewing.  Kidding.  I took Gray and Zoe to Grandfather mountain (dollar days!) and we got a bit muddy on the trails but had a really wonderful time.  The picture up there is after we were catching in our mouths drops of water dripping of a cliff.    I, in my infinite biological knowledge, took them to the bear enclosure and it never crossed my mind that it was winter and that bears tend to do a lot of sleeping in the winter.  In my defense, it was pretty warm.  Gray grabbed the electric wire fence to get a better look at the deer and got quite a zap.  I really tried not to laugh.
We got to see my parents in Asheville early on and had a great visit.  Adia pretty much ran dad ragged, but thats what she does to everyone.  I'm trying to bridge some gaps with my family and the weather seems to be improving on that front as well.  It sure has been a blessing to talk more with my new half-sister.  She seems to be one of those truly wonderful people.  I think she is going to try to come up after the baby is born.  I can't wait to meet her.  Speaking of which.  The date for the induction with the midwives in Asheville is Jan 13.  Amazing.  A couple of weeks and we will have a new baby in the house.  Little bald Adia will be a big sister.  Wow.  Ashley is doing really well even got back to walking - after the clot diagnosis, it kind of derailed exercise for her - which sucks because that is a major stress reliever for her.  She's getting close to the end now - 37 weeks which means the baby is not even considered premature if it is born now.  Thank God.  But she's pretty uncomfortable.  The last 2 weeks will be like the last 2 weeks of any pregnancy - a reason to go through labor.  We are settling in on a name - the frontrunner is Esme Ruth.  Esme means beloved and Ruth was the name of my grandmother.  We'll see.  Many of the women in the family think that it might be a boy.  We'll see.  
On a down note, I went to the visitation for the step father of a former student of mine (current friend).  He was murdered in downtown Boone at the pawn shop.  I don't really know any details except that there is a suspect at large and that the family is heartbroken.  I wonder what the world would be like if we didn't kill each other.  We can be very stupid apes.  I did get the hug of a lifetime from my student in the visitation line, however.   My heart aches for that kid and that whole family.
And for all the things that sit in my mind so wonderfully all the time.  The many times a day that I witness my kids do something or say something amazing.   Whether it is Adia climbing, dancing, playing that piano like crazy, pillowfighting, or just being difficult - or Zoe serving tea, sir, or replying so matter of factly to a woman on the trail who said that she was surely wearing the wrong shoes "well, I don't care" as she scrambles up some difficult rocks, or her questions, or her laughter... it is quite a wonderful life.  OK, thats it.  I need to get some sleep so I can MUni tomorrow.  

Saturday, December 6, 2008

O, Christmas Twig, O Chritmas Twig....

Don't laugh (well, try not to) - we cut the branches from a 3 year old hanging dead black locust tree (perfect wood - still in perfect shape after all that time) - I did it with Adia on my back and Zoe helped me drag the branches back to the house... in snow flurries. We peeled the branches and then "assembled" the tree in the basement. Wrapped it in lights and voila - Christmas spirit jumped into the house without the guilt of buying a pesticide treated tree that is polluting our groundwater. Thank you Jed and Deby for the idea. Ornaments are not on yet... more pics to come. The standing joke now is "who's gonna water the tree?"









1 day later. We put on the ornaments and now the Christmas Twig is complete. Pictures included in various formats for your viewing pleasure:) Pappy, Mimi and Morgan came up today we had a really wonderful visit. It was so great to see them again and reconnect. Me, Zoe, and Morgan went up on Bobcat hill and plastered a few tracks and wandered along the ridgeline further than I had gone before - Some really nice areas are up there as long as you don't mind walking deer trails and avoiding briars. It was pretty breezy and cold, but coming back to the warm apple pie was especially nice.


5 minutes later - I was messing around and googled my name - I was checking out the other Steve Ahns - the Harvard chap, Dr. Ahn the business guy, then I came up on YOUTUBE!! It turns out it was an interview from a grant I got, but still - its a bit unnerving. Its been viewed 23 times....the question is "by who?"... or is that whom? I don't know...

Thursday, December 4, 2008

24 Units

Its been a great start to winter so far - as long as you like snow days and cold weather. I read today that this is the 3rd coldest November in the past 80 years here. Zoe, Adia and the dogs like it, though. We all went sledding the other day (on the same sled) and had a ball. Hardly anyone got hurt:) You can see Zoe and Riley in the pic with our newly-being-painted-except-for-this-cold-weather barn in the background. In triabetes news, Reid is into the Triabetes thing full bore and even got his triabetes blog up and running. He is trying to outdo Dave to see how far off the couch he can go - but he's got big shoes to fill. Rumor has it that Dave was interviewed for a story...about the New York Times. I talked to him before the interview but I haven't talked to him since. I hear it will be out in early 2009. I'm pretty proud of those 2 jokers. Which reminds me - I am also proud of my chickens. Nice segway, I know. Of the Buff Orpington roosters, it turns out that one was a hen! Found 7 eggs in the henhouse. We thought she might be a hen and so we kept her and another rooster out of the freezer. Didn't think she'd lay until spring however - pretty exciting, in its own hickville sort of way. My first eggs. As Woody Allen said "Its all about the eggs"... wow - didn't know it was a literal thing! The other picture is of a bike I am commuting on now - I turned Ashley's cross bike into a singlespeed with a flat bar. I absolutely love it - however, my ride to work is 11 miles and its all uphill. Actually its not all uphill - it just feels that way - its a pretty large overall gain. And now on singlespeed, its a bit brutal. There are times my arms wear out because I am pulling on the bars so hard. I'm even slower than before but I love it more. On the flats and downhills, you are forced to coast and enjoy it. OK, now rewind a couple of days. With all the worry and doctor visits concerning Ashley's leg over the last few weeks, I just stopped doing any activity. I did go for a run the day after thanksgiving but that is about it. Well, a couple of days ago we went to Asheville to meet with a specialist and to figure out (1) how Ash is doing and (2) what the plan is to have this baby next month. (Ash is doing fine and we are going to have the birth in Asheville...which is difficult but doable...somehow) Anyway - a couple of hours before dinner I was 270, so I took 4 units. I ate nothing. At dinner I tested again to see how far it had come down. 285. I got a bit angry and rage bolused 10 units for dinner - and didn't eat a whole lot. Before bed I was feeling a bit high and tested again. 360! Furious, I took another 10 units and just expected to wake up stunningly low at some point in the night. Slept all through the night and woke up the next am at 75. Man. 24 units for one meal. I went an ran the cub the next morning. As I was coming down the last mile and a half or so, Russ drove by and I hopped in for a ride back to Valle Crucis. I wasn't just out of shape, I was low as well. Then I rode to work today and home in the rain. And the last 2 days have been in perfect control. Exercise and Blood sugar, Exercise and Blood sugar.... why can't I remember it?!? Wasn't that the lesson from Triabetes?

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Where I have been lately

All right. A lot has happened. And I am just going to give the condensed version or this would take waaay too long. First and foremost for us is that Ashley was diagnosed with a clot in her leg (saphenous from knee to junction with femoral). She worried she had a clot but had a devil of a time convincing doctors of that. After a few weeks of pain - it changed color and she once again called the doc and they said to go to the ER. After a very long time in the ER and very little sleep and an ultrasound, Ashley's worst nightmare had come true. Now I am not just joking about that. It really is her worst fear..and tornadoes. We would always joke about DVT (deep vein thrombosis) whenever anyone had a twinge of anything in their leg. Joke is on us, now. However, after numerous talks with doctors all over the place (we go to Asheville today for another) we have learned a few things. 1) don't joke about DVT - the universe has a sense of humor (2) DVT is not the guaranteed death we used to think it was (remember David Bloom?) its serious, but not as bad as we had it in our minds (3) Trust your instincts - doctors are very human and (4) the goal of clot treatment is not necessarily to remove it - just to stabilize it so the body can kind of make it a permanent fixture. Anyhow - Ashley has walked through her personal valley of shadow and is really emerging in great fashion. I am extremely proud of her. Now we just need to get that baby out. Which we don't have a name for yet. Other rather gigantic news is that I have a half sister that just learned about. She is a really amazing person and I hope to see her soon. She has the potential to be quite a healing force in my life and I am grateful to have her in my (and my family's) life. More to come on this later, however. A quick aside - just got the call about a snow day! And this makes the second day that I have made sub plans and not had to use them! I'm golden! And then our dear friend Janet called to see if she could keep the kids while we go to Asheville. Wow. People are great. I have more things to tell but now the clock is against me. I'll leave with a photo of Adia in a turkey box. I used to love being pulled around in a turkey box... circle of life thing, I guess:) Oh, I did learn one more thing triabetic wise: a complete lack of exercise for a few weeks wreaks havoc on blood sugar. Hmmm, you'd of thought I would know that already.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Halloween...ok its a bit past.

Ohhh, back to the blog. I read Dave's tonight and it was so dramatic - bears and diabetic coma and all, that I realized that I have to get back into the swing of things least blogstyle, that is. So I will pick something easy - Halloween. It was fun and simple. Zoe was a dinosaur (she insists it was a Iguanodon...I'll just have to agree - she's the expert) and Adia was a ladybug. I'll put more pictures on the picassa link. Since Ironman I have basically been reveling in and appreciating my family and have been so surprised that I don't seem to have any more time now than I did when I was training. Hmmm. A short list of things going on. Reid is now training for Triabetes 09 in Arizona and will travel out there soon to sign up. I have gotten to run some with him and have had fun reliving the beginning of the journey. I (with an amazing amount of help from Jon) am painting the house - and it looks rather great (or else it used to look rather bad). I turned Ash's cross bike to a singlespeed (and got rid of those craaaapy brakes) and will try to use that to climb Boone mountain to get to school... we'll see. It is a super sweet ride now, however. I feel myself getting drawn to the dark side of the chain. I'm running a 32-16 if you are interested. The roosters are in the freezer along with a couple of deer that a student shot for me (freezer is bursting) - we got better at dispatching and processing chickens...thank god. But it was a great experience. Still have a bunch of hens getting to lay a ton o eggs in the spring. Avery - arguably the best rabbit ever (he was found on the AT and was the gentlest rabbit) was killed by a couple of neighborhood dogs who ripped into his cage. Adia is getting more teeth and more mobility and into more things every day. Her personality is really coming out. She and I hiked to the Falls by the Valle Crucis Mission School today - and had a pretty nice time. She loves riding on my back - its the only time she stays still. We crunched a bunch of leaves. Zoe is taking ballet and still loving dinosaurs - last night she and I went to the top of Bobcat hill with the telescope and froze our butts off but had a really good time - Oh, we have been plastering tracks (deer mostly) which is as much fun for me as it is for her (yes - I am a nerd). Also Zoe is proving to be a good shot with her bow and arrow - I was painting today way up on a 24 ft ladder and I told her that I bet she couldn't hit me. Pop! right in the butt. She called it a buttseye. The new baby does not yet have a name - but we are looking for girl names (3 in a row, baby). Ashley is having a really tough pregnancy - for awhile it was 4+ migraines a week along with some pretty significant leg numbness and vein issues. But we just found out that our biggest fear (DVT - deep vein thrombosis) has turned out to be just a femoral hernia. Big sigh of relief. I'm sure that there is plenty I am missing but that is the most recent stuff. We are always tired at the end of the day but there is plenty to smile about. I miss the Triabetes people and the anexiety over the event - but I have to say that life is very good.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


3am. September 7, 2008. Breakfast. I was 170 and took 4 units and ate the old boiled eggs that I had made for Bill Carlson as well as some cold leftover maccaroni and cheese. Breakfast of champions. I had slept 7 hours at that point and was really doing well mentally. I decided awhile back to enjoy this experience because it would in all likelihood be the only time I ever do Ironman. I was not really nervous...well, at least I wasn't scared. I was even able to sleep another hour. 5am. Michelle and Stacy stop by and pick me up and take me to Ironman. I need to take a moment to thank Michelle for dreaming up this whole project in a coffeeshop and then making it happen - and for supporting me this entire year with advice and smack talk - and for giving up her spot in Ironman to make sure that the documentary gets done right - and for giving up her house to me and my family for a whole week. The lady is amazing. Ok, back to the story. I go to drop my special needs bags off and who do I run into but John Moore - the guy who got me into this whole endeavor. We drop our bags - a quick code red - then go get marked. We wandered into the Terrace and change into our wetsuits and before too long we are at the start by the water with most of the other Triabeters. My blood sugar had risen to 210 then to 250 and that was perfect as far as I was concerned because I did not want to be low in the water. It was amazing to be thinking of this moment for a year and to have it be minutes away. We say a few words that I can't remember and then we all give hugs and get into the water. I look at Dave and we both say "amazing" - our one goal for this entire last year was about to start. We get into the deep green water and swim out to the start. Right away you lose everyone - its just a mass of identical people in red and blue caps and goggles. I swim over to the ski jump that was in the middle of the crowd and wait. Incredibly, a few minutes later I hear "Steve?" and its Dave - he happened to swim to the exact same spot as me out of the 2400 people there in the water. What a great thing to start with him - a Boonie. I remember being amazed that it was about to start - that the year was about to end. Then "BOOM!" and the water became chaos. I tried to prepare my mind for the start. I tried to visualize it. I failed. I didn't think it would be hard to breathe. I knew it usually takes me a few minutes to settle in swimming, and so I went with the chaos. I swam to survive. After awhile I was enjoying it and swimming smooth. The turns were a bit crowded and crazy but OK. And when I came around the first lap and looked at my watch and saw that only 30-something minutes had gone by, I knew I was going to make it and I think I actually smiled. I came out of the water a bit dizzy and went to Michelle's table and tested and had gone from 250 to 87 in 1:18. I ate a gel and got my wetsuit ripped off of me and ran up the helix to the transition. I took 4 units of Lantus (instead of the normal 12 in the morning - I did take my 12 Lantus the night before as usual), got dressed, forgot my sunglasses, and ran to the bike. On the bike I breathed a sigh of relief and ate a clif bar thinking that my usual habit of dropping while I rode was already kicking in. It wasn't. I checked a little while later and was 136. Then 235. Then 360. Crap. Overshot. I was worried about dehydrating and cramping and so I drank a lot. Then I peed a lot due to overhydrating and being high. But a few hours in and the blood sugar had come down and I was able to eat pretty continually (maybe 4 clif bars, bannanas, and a gel). The last 4 hours of the ride my blood sugar alternated between 80-130. I was happy to see that my plan and the training I had done (diabetes wise) was working. I was riding my nighttime lantus so I could eat fair amount on the bike and was hoping that it (the lantus) would be done by the time I was running. The ride was glorious - the crowds were huge - and the one hill was nothing compared to what we ride around here. I saw Russ and Reid and Benjamin who had driven up from Boone friday night after Russ ran the Cub (which was our favorite training run). Those guys drove through the night and got to Madison in somewhere around 12 hours. Amazing. I was so touched and amazed that they came to see it. Just another case of Triabetes Magic, I suppose - but Reid is wanting to do Triabetes 09 and so the Boone Diabetic Ironman saga will hopefully continue. Back to the race - there was some wind that pretty much sucked on the first 15 miles of the second lap but as the course turned it wasn't an issue and by the end it was blowing us in. And part way through the windy section I see Ashley and Zoe in the crowd. That was all I needed. Pain disappeared. Came back in just under 7 hours but was fighting a headache and nausea. However I was still peeing like crazy - so I was worried that my body was dumping water and I would begin the race-ending cramp session soon. Off I went on the run a bit nervous - I saw Maureen and asked her about it and she said to keep drinking and taking in salt/electrolytes. I followed that advice and was fine in the end. Only a few miles into the run I see Maureen's better half -John Moore - on a loop not far behind me and so I slowed down and waited for him to catch me. We met up in the Stadium and I asked him how it was going because I heard that he had a really bad swim. He said he got way low and started falling asleep in the water! Then threw up! He was worried that it was going to be over for him, but he ate some gel and swam it out..slowly. He apparently then rocked the bike. And now he was looking strong. I congradulated him and wished him good luck and thanked him for giving me the hat that convinced me to do Ironman (what can I say?, I am a pushover) He said, "nope. I got you into this - we are finishing together." I almost cried right there. Suddenly it was old times. Me and my buddy, John - off on a run joking and laughing and hurting. I hadn't seen him in a few months because he moved back to Colorado and so this was really the perfect reunion. It was brotherhood. And I knew that in 20 miles, this great journey would come to an end and I would not know when I would see this joker again. So I treasured it. My feet hurt and I felt like puking some, but I hardly remember that - what I remember is hanging out with my friend. We ran and walked through the next 13 miles or so and saw that Peter was doing great. Brian was fast, Steve Chop was doing well, Bill Carlson wasn't - couldn't keep anything down, but was plowing on, Joe caught up to us then moved on ahead, and Anne was doing fine. I kept asking about Dave. No word. Then about half way through John and I finally saw him and Steve Parker. He was having ITBand issues in his knee and couldn't run -but was powerwalking the entire thing. He laughed when he said "it hurts so bad!" and off he went - and over his shoulder he said "I'm finishing." I realized that no matter how bad things got, nothing would stop Dave...and at that moment it hit me that we were both going to finish this thing. After a year of training and doubt and "what ifs", it became only a matter of time. I was so grateful and thankful at that moment. I didn't, however, realize the price his feet would pay. I saw him and his feet the other day and saw his blisters. They encompassed the balls of his feet, his entire heel...and beyond up towards his ankle, all in between his toes... I'd say that greater than 50% of the skin of his feet was blister. The guy is amazing. (shudder) and back to the race. From that point on the finish was in the air and we seemed to get stronger. With 7 miles to go, John looks at his watch and says "we can finish by 9". I look at him and say "no I can't". And off we went. If we could keep a sub-12 minute pace for the last 7 miles, we would barely make it. The jokes kind of died down, I started cursing him for getting me into this and then crushing me at the end, he just laughed and kept running. Every mile he would look at his watch and say that we could do it. Every mile I would say that we couldn't. My feet really hurt and I assumed that I had some nasty blisters but I escaped without bad ones. I stopped eating. I only drank a glass of water, a cup of broth, and 3 pretzels at each aid station. My blood sugar hung around 170 - which is nice because after each aid station I would burp-gag, spit out a chunk or two, and continue on. I remember seeing the 20 mile sign and the 24 mile sign...and the 25. At that time we were flying... or at least it seemed that way. You could hear the crowd and music from 3 blocks away. And then we were there. I saw our Ironkids (diabetic kids who supported us and went on a 3 day canoe adventure just before Ironman) and they ran out to us - and I looked like crazy for Zoe. Nothing. I stopped and looked around to make sure and then assumed that she couldn't handle the noise and craziness - and off we went to the finish. Then out of the crowd I hear Ash yell my name - I turn and Zoe comes streaking out from the holding pen and grabs my hand with a great big smile. That was my moment. That was the instant of grace. The next 30 seconds are blazed into my memory forever. The 5 of us - Andrew (John's Ironkid), Jeremy, John, Zoe, and I ran down the hill to the finish of 14 months of Triabetes. John and I raised our hands together - I said "thank you" to John and whatever higher power gave me this experience - and we crossed the just under 14 hours like John said. And like I thought, we were whisked away through the crowd and I never saw John again. There is so much about this project and this event that was life changing that I shudder to even think of chronicling it all. I think that I will continue this blog for awhile to write down and remember the great things. But I think that I will be done for awhile right now. Thank you Michelle, Peter, and Nate for being the reason Triabetes exists, all the Triabetics, Anne for listening to my whining, Ray and Nella for what I assume will be a fantastic film, all my training friends - like Russ and Wayne and David and Reid (soon), Dr. Matt and the incredible Diabetes Training Camp coaches Rick and Josh, the TONS of Boonies that bought T-shirts or just gave money to the cause which helped Triabetes survive until the sponsors came in, the local diabetic students and parents who reminded me that this is a project worth doing, my parents for helping me when the money just wasn't there to register, John for being a brother and teaching me what it means to Return with Honor, Dave for being a brother and for being the perfect person to run with, swim with, bike with, and laugh with - all for hours and hours and hours, and most importantly my wife Ashley for being there for every moment - the good and the bad - for picking up my slack this last year and for setting my mind right when I would spiral downward. Thank you all. My final stats were: 13:57:34 Total which was 267 out of 349 in my age group and 1449 out of 2206 finishers - my heartrate average on the bike was 140 (77%) and on the run was 139 (76%) which was perfect for me - 1:20:33 on the swim, 6:49:16 on the bike, 5:22:45 on the run, and Infinity on the experience.
Below is the Twitter account of the day from all the triabetes supporters:
Sat, 11:57:19 a.m. see everyone at the Welcome Reception - Grey’s Tied House, 3 p.m.! Sat, 09:13:45 p.m. Hello world! What a great day - and thanks for being spotters for these athletes! cya manana…. Sat, 11:52:37 p.m. man, why am I still up when I have to be up at 4:30 a.m.? Sigh….. Sun, 06:19:09 a.m. at HQ, getting ready! the BIG DAY Sun, 06:21:00 a.m. For those following us out on the course, send msgs to number 40404, and in the message body, type ‘@triabetes I saw so and so on here!’ Sun, 06:32:55 a.m. the sun is coming up. gorgeous! Sun, 06:33:54 a.m. 25 minutes until start…. clear sky’s; fingers crossed that it holds Sun, 06:38:05 a.m. the excitement is running hi! TONS of people at start… I can see them from the window! Jam packed. Sun, 06:38:26 a.m. Sun, 06:38:42 a.m. heading down in minutes…. photos on the way Sun, 06:51:25 a.m. Pros are off!!!! Sun, 06:53:19 a.m. Triathletes are getting into the water. 9 min until start. Many are in the water already Sun, 06:55:03 a.m. Wish sending photos was working. *Perfect* Start… Sun is up, mostly clear, high 50’s, a little breeze… Great! Sun, 06:57:38 a.m. Most of the athletes are in the water. Just heard a roar from then in the water Sun, 06:58:12 a.m. 2200 athletes in the water Sun, 07:00:05 a.m. Holding the line… Boats getting out of the way… BANG…. Crowd goes crazy!!! They are off! Sun, 07:00:29 a.m. It is like white water! WOW Sun, 07:01:17 a.m. That is impressive Sun, 07:04:53 a.m. Sun, 07:07:34 a.m. Sun, 07:12:33 a.m. Swimmers are spreading out now Sun, 07:14:32 a.m. Pros are coming around for their second lap Sun, 07:22:39 a.m. Sun, 07:23:11 a.m. Mandatory bike-lust picture (sorry!) Sun, 07:24:38 a.m. Crowds spreading out over a half mile ok the lake.. Some very colorful shirts, some with slogans not appropriate for a family news feed Sun, 07:26:47 a.m. Sun, 07:27:43 a.m. Sun, 07:29:15 a.m. Hot air balloon coming over the lake where the swimmers are Sun, 07:29:36 a.m. Here come the pros…. Sun, 07:31:57 a.m. Sun, 07:33:22 a.m. Lots of coffee being consumed by this crowd Sun, 07:34:59 a.m. Ah, coffee, crowds, little kids all over the place doing what the do best (being cute)… And the smashing pumpkins blaring from speakers Sun, 07:45:55 a.m. those on the course who have cameras? call Adam (or come to HQ) and we’ll get them up on the web! Sun, 07:51:08 a.m. unscrewing safety locks on 8 story windows so we can get our banner out on the side of the building so people can see it… life is good Sun, 07:54:07 a.m. who is writing about triabetes today? send the links in! Sun, 08:00:04 a.m. getting prepared for bill carlson (bib # 1574) for coming out of the swim Sun, 08:04:50 a.m. bills IN! SMOKING time Sun, 08:05:22 a.m. He just ran by the triabetes supply table at the transition area Sun, 08:08:30 a.m. @SEAGER Still in the water…. bill just came out Sun, 08:12:34 a.m. I don’t know bill’s swim time exactly, but it was somewhere between 60-65 minutes…. for 2.4 miles? (swoon) Sun, 08:16:49 a.m. Bill swam in 1:03 Sun, 08:17:01 a.m. athlete updates live at: Sun, 08:18:02 a.m. you need these bib numbers to track people: Ann (2079), Steve Ahn(778) Dave (501), Steve Chop (1148), Bill Carlson(1574)…. Sun, 08:18:50 a.m. Brian (740), joe (1767), Aaron (204), Peter (426), John (543), Larry (1836), Steve Parker (1149) Sun, 08:20:18 a.m. you can hear the crowds 5 blocks away on the 8th fl of a building…the transition is happening! Sun, 08:20:59 a.m. message @triabetes if you would like specific updates on an athlete Sun, 08:22:08 a.m. Peter is in!!!!! That surprised us here as no one knew he was *that* fast Sun, 08:23:12 a.m. 1:61:52 for peter. Peter, you are a GOD. Smoke the bike buddy! Sun, 08:25:01 a.m. Steve Ahn is just in… right behind peter… Sun, 08:26:06 a.m. ok, so this is a group of gods…. sharks really Sun, 08:34:27 a.m. the adrenaline is pumping at HQ…. Sun, 08:34:37 a.m. bunch of athletes just came in, in a row Sun, 08:34:54 a.m. Steve parker: 1:30 (go steve!) Sun, 08:35:30 a.m. joe: 1:25 (nice joe!) Sun, 08:38:14 a.m. steve chop: 1:31… Sun, 08:38:56 a.m. lots of IronFans (triabetes supporters) on the ramp between swim and bike Sun, 08:39:23 a.m. they exit the lake and have to run up a helix car ramp up 4 stories to the top of a parking garage…. it is just lined with spectators! Sun, 08:39:43 a.m. The noise is unbelievable! we can hear it blocks away, and those who are there say it is wild Sun, 08:40:31 a.m. Dave’s out! 1:32…. great time dave Sun, 08:44:28 a.m. haha… just received a note saying dave’s alive. you bet he is!!! Sun, 08:45:00 a.m. Perry’s out. 1:40. All right perry! Sun, 08:45:29 a.m. for many, the swim is the toughest leg; while it is the first, so you are fresh, it can just take a lot out of ya… Sun, 08:45:49 a.m. the word is that they are looking QUITE good Sun, 08:46:16 a.m. Larry Smith is out! Sun, 08:46:32 a.m. brian is out! Sun, 08:48:37 a.m. oh oh… we are getting word that brian came out with peter…but the tracker doesn’t show him having come out of the water. We’ll find him Sun, 08:53:00 a.m. everyone is out Sun, 08:53:36 a.m. anne is out at 1:46 Sun, 08:54:00 a.m. larry was out in 1:41 Sun, 08:54:14 a.m. and John came out with Ann at 1:46 Sun, 08:54:48 a.m. the triabetes table at the transition area says that brian did indeed come out quite early…. but the tracker isn’t showing that. Sun, 08:54:59 a.m. shoot! I hope his chip is working! Sun, 08:57:49 a.m. so all athletes are on the bike course… time to go grab some coffee! brb Sun, 09:09:22 a.m. word from @ClaudiaLaycock is that anne picked up bike and is through the transition area Sun, 09:09:44 a.m. she was on Aaron’s heel Sun, 09:19:22 a.m. a bunch of family and volunteers have been stopping by; getting directions, extra tee-shirts, and saying hello. Feel free to do the s a.m.e! Sun, 09:22:35 a.m. dave dropped some kit (not sure what…) in the transition area…and asked michelle to look around…so that is what they are doing Sun, 09:43:06 a.m. families are popping up out of the woodwork at triabetes HQ; nice folks Sun, 09:43:42 a.m. the triabetes folks at the transition area are back; they are completely jazzed. Everyone was looking fantastic Sun, 09:51:09 a.m. to put bill’s swim time of 1:03 in perspective, the pro’s were finishing it in 55 minutes; bill was only 8 minutes behind them. hot Sun, 09:58:37 a.m. NOTICE: Brian Foster’s chip is NOT working. if you see him, let him know. Sun, 10:01:45 a.m. the weather is changing… it was getting quite warm but now it is getting a hazy and overcast…. fingers crossed that it is not a storm Sun, 10:03:16 a.m. people have asked about blood-sugars. Only one athlete was a little low…everyone else was just about *perfect*. Sun, 10:04:51 a.m. bill and Brian just passed Mt. Horeb Sun, 10:09:01 a.m. NOTICE: brian foster knows his chip is not working… he needs to tell an official or transition person (someone in green) Sun, 10:22:12 a.m. Hello to Dr. Matt from the Triabetes HQ crew! Sun, 10:27:42 a.m. JR from insulindependence is on his way to HQ! Sun, 10:28:19 a.m. The finish line is getting setup (though we have some time!) Sun, 10:32:18 a.m. Sun, 10:33:11 a.m. Ah, some pre-race jitters on the sidewalk; no photo needed Sun, 10:35:20 a.m. Sun, 10:36:44 a.m. Sun, 10:41:46 a.m. Sun, 10:42:15 a.m. Bill is headed back into Verona on Midtown Rd. Yeah Bill!!! Sun, 10:42:34 a.m. Folks relaxing at the starbucks right at the finish line; they are doing mucho business Sun, 10:53:52 a.m. They are putting a new chip on brian’s shoe Sun, 11:08:03 a.m. Peter and Brian are headed into Verona. Way to go guys!!! Sun, 11:09:02 a.m. Estimating bill hitting the next transition between 1:10 and 1:20 Sun, 11:13:50 a.m. estimating that P is going to finish the bike in 5:45. just tested in the 400s. run estimate=3:45 Sun, 11:14:38 a.m. race photos on the triabetes facebook page! Sun, 11:16:28 a.m. Steve Ahn on Old Sauk Pass- yeah Steve!!! Sun, 11:17:16 a.m. Multiple bill sightings throughout Verona. Keep the updates flowing! Sun, 11:18:04 a.m. @ClaudiaLaycock thanks for the update. Sun, 11:18:10 a.m. Bill is almost halfway- you’re a rockstar. Sun, 11:21:06 a.m. What a town. There are runners and bikers all over the place. Sun, 11:21:56 a.m. Streams of spectators on bikes heading to Verona. I’m not one of them; on a bus instead Sun, 11:22:58 a.m. Aaron just left Mt. Horeb Sun, 11:30:45 a.m. Triabetes pics: Sun, 11:31:25 a.m. @tricia with some updates (thanks!). Brian and pete still neck and neck, passing the half way mark Sun, 11:32:14 a.m. John Moore just went thru stagecoach Sun, 11:32:26 a.m. Chris letting us know from the bike course that there is some grade A partying going on. People are having a great time Sun, 11:33:31 a.m. Chop, Ahn, and Brady at Midtown. Sun, 11:35:07 a.m. The weather is cooling off a bit, with just a slight breeze. Mid to high 60’s Sun, 11:35:27 a.m. NOTICE: Does anyone know if Bill is near Verona? Sun, 11:36:31 a.m. John Moore on Timber now. Sun, 11:37:03 a.m. Parker is on Old Sauk Pass Sun, 11:39:19 a.m. Anne is on Old Sauk- way to go Anne!!!!! Sun, 11:43:30 a.m. It is a festival out here on the bike course! Thousands of spectators tailgating… Sun, 11:45:45 a.m. Bill just got on 92 Sun, 11:45:49 a.m. 16 yr olds on security detail… You don’t see that everyday Sun, 11:47:32 a.m. Steve anne just went by Verona HS Sun, 11:48:20 a.m. Steve Parker, Anne Findlay, John Moore on Timber Lane- keep it up guys!!! Sun, 11:52:41 a.m. An athlete is about 6 min behind steve ahn…. Missed who it was Sun, 11:54:49 a.m. Ahn and chop passed half way mark Sun, 11:55:18 a.m. Bill passed 92 about 5 min ago Sun, 11:55:55 a.m. Hang in there P!!! Sun, 11:58:36 a.m. P is on Hwy G Sun, 11:59:04 a.m. People have a lot of energy on the bike here… They are universally jazzed Sun, 12:02:51 p.m. Miles, you’re the man. Rock on. Sun, 12:03:33 p.m. John just passed Verona HS. Looking fantastic, and giving a good wave Sun, 12:10:31 p.m. John Moore passed Verona hs about 8min ago Sun, 12:12:17 p.m. Bill just cleared Mt. Horeb Sun, 12:18:04 p.m. Steve 3.0 just went by Verona hs Sun, 12:19:04 p.m. Larry is through old sauk pass! good work! Sun, 12:19:21 p.m. Steve just passed Verona Sun, 12:24:49 p.m. 501 passed Verona hs Sun, 12:31:57 p.m. Anne passed Verona, looking top notch Sun, 12:34:29 p.m. Dave passed verona hs 9 minutes ago Sun, 12:38:22 p.m. Sun, 12:38:44 p.m. Hockey on the course; anytime anywhere Sun, 12:42:50 p.m. Larry and Aaron at Midtown. Sun, 12:43:36 p.m. Wind picking up on the course Sun, 12:43:45 p.m. Peter and Brian passed J and Garfoot Sun, 12:44:21 p.m. The speedy ones are going through Verona now Sun, 12:45:35 p.m. The water stop is awesome… They are doing running handoffs Sun, 12:48:17 p.m. Some are coming off the hill towards the aid station and they are flying Sun, 12:50:20 p.m. The volunteers on the course are awesome. Sun, 12:51:11 p.m. When they make a successful handoff, there is pleasantries passed and they are excited Sun, 12:57:45 p.m. Aaron just went through Verona aid station. Cruising! Sun, 01:03:52 p.m. Bill Carlson passed S on Timber Ln. Bill is on fire!!!! Sun, 01:05:53 p.m. Blair is staked out on Mile 66 Sun, 01:08:47 p.m. NOTICE: Blair has insulin at 102 mark Sun, 01:10:23 p.m. Blair you’re a rockstar. Sun, 01:17:36 p.m. HELLO WORLD: Bill Carlson has 21 left to go on the bike and requests a chili dog. Sun, 01:18:53 p.m. Steve Ahn headed to cross plains. Sun, 01:23:24 p.m. P is on Old Sauk Rd. Keep it up Nero!!! Sun, 01:25:36 p.m. Brian Foster is thru Old Sauk Rd. You’re the man, Big B. Sun, 01:25:55 p.m. Bill passed Verona aid station: at 102 Sun, 01:26:03 p.m. We can hear cheering here at HQ! Sun, 01:26:57 p.m. Brady is on Garfoot to Cross Plains. Yeah Joe!!!!!!!!!! Sun, 01:27:54 p.m. Anne is headed into Mt. Horeb. Sun, 01:28:42 p.m. John Moore on Garfoot headed to Cross Plains. Sun, 01:41:50 p.m. Peter and Brian just finished Midtown Rd. Sun, 01:51:33 p.m. Peter FLEW through vernona Sun, 01:52:01 p.m. Brian was one min behind looking awesome Sun, 01:59:24 p.m. Aaron is out Sun, 02:00:02 p.m. chop is at midtown Sun, 02:00:31 p.m. Dave passed Mt. horeb about 10 min ago Sun, 02:01:18 p.m. SHOOT: Aaron dropped Sun, 02:05:11 p.m. Ahn thru Old Sauk Sun, 02:06:06 p.m. Leaving Verona with a full bus of spectators. There is an unbelievable amount of energy considering Sun, 02:07:32 p.m. Next to cyclists on bus; they are smoothly passing us Sun, 02:09:13 p.m. Oh man! Cyclist crashed at intersection. She got up but her bike looks trashed. Oh that sucks Sun, 02:11:35 p.m. I missed the fried milk curds at Verona. I guess I haven’t lived yet Sun, 02:23:36 p.m. Update about Aaron coming Sun, 02:29:47 p.m. Adam, yer da bomb :-p Sun, 02:38:34 p.m. Bill exited T2!!! Sun, 02:40:01 p.m. Brady over the big hill and heading towards verona Sun, 02:41:32 p.m. Joe had a low bg (38!) that he had to deal with; slowed him up bit I’m glad he can still go! Sun, 02:45:29 p.m. john moore cruised through verona and blair reports he is looking gooooood Sun, 02:46:02 p.m. for those following and concerned about Peter, we have placed extra insulin (needles and vials, plus 2 extra omni-pods) at T2 Sun, 02:46:58 p.m. we are sending people to the start and end of the T2 transition to sync up with him… Sun, 02:47:26 p.m. SO, things are looking good Sun, 02:48:07 p.m. UPDATE: that was quick… it has been confirmed directly that Peter is *OK* Sun, 02:50:09 p.m. we are a bit behind on some updates…. Sun, 02:51:16 p.m. BILL: did the bike at 6:07 and is out on the running course Sun, 02:52:08 p.m. Peter: 6:10 bike… yikes! he is also out on the run Sun, 02:52:38 p.m. the times we are getting are about 10-15 min delayed Sun, 02:52:38 p.m. the times we are getting are about 10-15 min delayed Sun, 02:53:36 p.m. oh shoot… the word on Brian’s chip was that it was accidently left on his shoe :(. So we’ll have times for him soon.. Sun, 02:54:00 p.m. but when I saw him on Verona at 102 mile mark, he was about 1:30 min behind peter…and he was all smiles! Sun, 02:55:39 p.m. We cannot get information about aaron while he is in medical… they won’t allow that… We’re trying to get info from them…. Sun, 02:55:49 p.m. but he is with medical; so he is with the pros Sun, 02:57:56 p.m. anne is at midtown Sun, 03:00:02 p.m. Peter and brian are together on the run… arm and arm! on the course together Sun, 03:00:15 p.m. parker at midtown! Sun, 03:02:33 p.m. dave should be just behind parker Sun, 03:03:39 p.m. so for you number folks… peter jumped up his ranking by 250 spots Sun, 03:09:44 p.m. blair got some good photos of John from the bus back to downtown from verona Sun, 03:10:09 p.m. oh oh…. getting hungry at HQ… feeling grouchy! but what do we have to complain about Sun, 03:15:22 p.m. ok, fingers crossed here…. larry is going to be close to the cutoff time for the bike (5:30). Sun, 03:15:41 p.m. CHOP is on the run! woa, wasn’t expecting that… he made some great cycling time Sun, 03:17:20 p.m. steve chop made some fantastic time on the bike: 6:25. well done steve! Sun, 03:17:50 p.m. reports are flying furiously right now… we have our agents sneaking around (but with dead cell phones) Sun, 03:19:58 p.m. Miles is down at the medical working on getting information about Aaron Sun, 03:20:27 p.m. and miles sure can talk…because he got the race officials to clone brian’s bike/run time off of peter’s… they normally would NEVER do that Sun, 03:21:30 p.m. miles; what is your secret? Sun, 03:23:46 p.m. I’m taking my transition lessons from Chop; he FLEW through T2… obviously itching for more pain on the run. go steve! Sun, 03:27:49 p.m. word from our secret sources is anne is looking MOST excellent, and smiling. what is WRONG with these people? I’m in pain and happy? Sun, 03:29:11 p.m. the stands are starting to fill for the pro’s crossing Sun, 03:29:55 p.m. the movie crew is moving onto the running course (well, most of them anyway). and saw that sexy brian just run by! Sun, 03:30:52 p.m. bill wants a chili dog… well bill, it is on the house! Sun, 03:31:18 p.m. the HQ is starting to fill up; time to refuel a bit before heading back on the course (and plenty of bathroom stops for the little ones) Sun, 03:31:49 p.m. the little guys are troopers! This is a long day with bus rides, weird eating schedules, little sleep… and they are hopping Sun, 03:32:22 p.m. they want to know as much about their athletes as possible; I wish I had something more specific! Sun, 03:32:31 p.m. We’ll send them back out again and let them scream to their hearts content Sun, 03:33:00 p.m. ahn is in t2 Sun, 03:33:21 p.m. the crowd is going NUTZ outside Sun, 03:35:32 p.m. the pro’s must be close…the crowds outside are really going crazy; 5-8 deep on the sidewalks around here Sun, 03:36:05 p.m. the weather is holding out for us! slightly breezy, high 60’s, a bit hazy… we really lucked out so far (knock on wood!) Sun, 03:37:08 p.m. joe is in transition… but he is tightening up. Aleve to the rescue. Joe, you are doing very very well Sun, 03:38:00 p.m. Still working on finding about Aaron…. miles talked with the med folks and he isn’t with them (right now) and he isn’t in any hospital Sun, 03:38:39 p.m. We are wondering if he stopped at a medical tent but did NOT drop out after all…. We’ll keep you posted Sun, 03:38:56 p.m. drama, suspense, rumors… we bring it all! Sun, 03:40:43 p.m. Joe…. well done. HQ is very excited about your Transition. So is your wife Sun, 03:41:40 p.m. Larry is on Timber… he is just before the big hill… we are estimating 60-75 min until finish. SMOKE it larry! Sun, 03:42:18 p.m. Ray stopped in HQ… looking a bit sweaty but full of stories from the road. and swapping drives for the camera. Sun, 03:42:55 p.m. from ray… hard to shoot today…. shades coming in and out… messing up with the shots. Sun, 03:43:27 p.m. I’m getting in the way… asking ray too many questions…. oh, ray is telling me stories that I can’t really share. sorry! Sun, 03:44:13 p.m. I wonder if Ray got some of these stories on tape…. heh Sun, 03:44:39 p.m. john moore just came through transition Sun, 03:46:33 p.m. sighting of john moore from the 8th story. Sun, 03:47:36 p.m. ray got shots of everyone… and chatted them up Sun, 03:48:19 p.m. Steve Chop said all he wants to do is finish up and see his kids. Sun, 03:48:33 p.m. And pete wants a pizza…hahaha. Sun, 03:50:44 p.m. joe’s run just started…. I hope you are feeling a bit better joe! Sun, 03:51:01 p.m. ray almost got arrested! They didn’t have the proper credentials for the bike; they were threatened… but RAY…ray took it too them Sun, 03:52:06 p.m. john said he feels great and is not that tired… fast run to you john Sun, 03:52:57 p.m. ahn is fighting a headache…but clear pee. thanks steve (he lost his pricker, but is teating a lot now, went a bit high…but is clearing) Sun, 03:53:45 p.m. teating? I can’t spell! He is treating his high and is doing well. On the run and his numbers are coming back down Sun, 03:56:33 p.m. Bill said he was having a great day…. but that was after he lost it on the curb during transition… so I guess that is a good thing? Sun, 03:56:51 p.m. he is getting prepped for chili dogs Sun, 03:58:21 p.m. John is running very well… great transition time and he just jumped into the run… watch out Sun, 04:00:52 p.m. ohhhh… I’m looking at some of the footage from the course. Folks, you are in for a treat. the start footage is stunning Sun, 04:04:02 p.m. ray is very excited about the footage Sun, 04:05:02 p.m. the finish was spectacular… Sun, 04:05:12 p.m. (not that I saw it…but that is the word!) Sun, 04:09:53 p.m. brian is at picnic point Sun, 04:10:13 p.m. that is half way through the first loop… so pretty much at a 10k Sun, 04:12:19 p.m. Larry just went through verona… and going at a pretty good click Sun, 04:13:42 p.m. about 30-40 minutes to go until larry hits the transition. Go Larry!!! Sun, 04:21:04 p.m. bill is at the stadium; enjoying the screaming college students I’m sure… the roar in and around the stadium is supposed to be unreal Sun, 04:22:35 p.m. that puts bill about 3/4 through his first loop (of two) Sun, 04:26:35 p.m. oh! Ann is on the run! Sun, 04:26:51 p.m. wicked fast T2 time to boot Sun, 04:26:55 p.m. Nice bike ann; she made up some good time; jumping up in the rankings Sun, 04:29:42 p.m. michelle just came back…with some good stories Sun, 04:29:53 p.m. joe said “I got this thing” Sun, 04:32:14 p.m. aaron cramped terribly…. oh man, that just stinks (and that is saying it politely) Sun, 04:35:00 p.m. I missed out on the walking tacos…. frittos with chili. They are raving about it at HQ Sun, 04:39:36 p.m. brian is a crazy man out there today. Screaming for his cheerleaders Sun, 04:45:36 p.m. oh! brian just finished the half marathon. 8:05 mile. wowzers Sun, 04:45:52 p.m. oh! Dave just rolled into T2…and in VERY high spirits. Sun, 04:50:20 p.m. parker is in the transition! Sun, 04:51:10 p.m. Peter is now in the 2nd part of the marathon…. Sun, 04:51:15 p.m. his split is looking good Sun, 04:55:45 p.m. anne passed through spring and randall on the run Sun, 04:55:55 p.m. right near the stadium Sun, 04:58:36 p.m. ah, the damage of kids left unsupervised in the HQ… little rascals! Sun, 05:00:47 p.m. dave is though the transition! I’m calling to get the scoop from the inside source (his wife!) Sun, 05:01:47 p.m. and steve parker just under the building about 4:50 Sun, 05:03:34 p.m. brian is high on adrenaline right now… running across the street to give *anyone* in a blue shirt a hi-five. brian is an animal. Sun, 05:05:51 p.m. ok folks, cheer larry into T2!!!! Sun, 05:14:52 p.m. peter and brian are well on their way on the 2nd loop… it sounds like they are approaching or through the stadium Sun, 05:15:24 p.m. bill is approaching his first loop. Cheering for ya bill!!!! Sun, 05:26:41 p.m. NICE!!!!!!!!! Larry is in T2. go larry go! Sun, 05:27:21 p.m. all athletes on the course are now off the bike Sun, 05:28:08 p.m. @seager thank you for the updates! Sun, 05:29:53 p.m. it sounds like bill is finished with his first lap; he has been spotted on the course! Sun, 05:34:23 p.m. larry is out on the course and looking great Sun, 05:35:16 p.m. that is fantastic…. talking about gutz… he was close enough to the cutoff that they would have asked him if he wanted to stop the race Sun, 05:35:54 p.m. the fact that he is out on the course speaks volumes. Larry, hats off to you. Those watching; cheer him on like crazy Sun, 05:37:23 p.m. and larry had a great transition time; he focused and hustled out to the course Sun, 05:43:21 p.m. Sorry folks; trying to upload more photos but no luck. The view from hq is awesome Sun, 05:54:55 p.m. Ahn and Moore are on their way from the stadium. Sun, 05:56:29 p.m. Larry @ Spring and Randall 1st lap Sun, 05:57:08 p.m. Ahn, Brady, John back from Stadium Sun, 06:05:53 p.m. About 1k from the finish line, spotting for the crew. Lots of gritted teeth and determination Sun, 06:07:21 p.m. Heard that bill is still sick on the run, but he is utterly determine to finish…. And still cracking jokes Sun, 06:09:25 p.m. Sun is going behind the buildings. The temp is a bit chilly in the shade, which is probably just perfect. Sun, 06:09:36 p.m. Joe is c Sun, 06:10:20 p.m. Joe is coming in for his first loop… Looking tough and determined Sun, 06:15:03 p.m. The Boone boys (ahn and Moore) are running together, coming in for their first lap Sun, 06:19:19 p.m. Joe on his way back out for his last loop Sun, 06:23:55 p.m. Moore and ahn passed again, running together and cracking jokes between the two of them. Awesome Sun, 06:39:42 p.m. Peter is about to cross!!!!’ Sun, 06:40:25 p.m. He is looking determined but with a VERY relaxed smooth gate Sun, 06:41:36 p.m. Just saw Anne! Coming through for completing her first lap. She looked focused. Go Anne! Sun, 06:46:54 p.m. Dave is cramping badly, and is going to finish but was planing on visiting an aid station to stretch it out and maybe pick something up Sun, 06:47:31 p.m. Pete crossed and it was perfect Sun, 06:50:47 p.m. Brian seriously cramped but the man is back on the course and within a few miles of crossing. Guts! Sun, 07:06:22 p.m. It is now 12hrs into this most grueling of races, and most everyone still says thank you when you cheer them on Sun, 07:09:01 p.m. As they once said ( but for something totally different) nuts! Sun, 07:10:07 p.m. Brian is getting very close and is looking STRONG. Cheer him in Sun, 07:26:21 p.m. Brian is meeting up with his buddy Sun, 07:26:52 p.m. As he said, it was hairy there for a bit, but he made it Sun, 07:27:33 p.m. And yes he did!!! With a smile Sun, 07:32:29 p.m. Parker is looking very solid. He wants a faster pair of legs, but he likes the rest of himself. Sun, 07:39:24 p.m. Dave is now on his second lap. He is hurting quite a bit but everything is showing a massive dose of grit. Let’s bring him home Sun, 07:40:08 p.m. Parker came back around to start his second lap with a good pick-me-up Sun, 07:43:02 p.m. There goes dave for his second lap, with a power fist in the air Sun, 07:44:24 p.m. These people are crazy Sun, 07:44:48 p.m. Stating the obvious of course!! Sun, 07:46:13 p.m. No updates on joe except that he started his 2nd lap about 100 min ago Sun, 07:52:12 p.m. “wet water. Come get your wet water. The best water in Wisconsin” Sun, 07:54:25 p.m. There are 9 on the course. Bring them home! Sun, 07:57:52 p.m. It is dark out here! Fall is here Sun, 08:02:29 p.m. Larry is coming around for his first lap, and he is looking like he has only run a half marathon. It was *great* to see him Sun, 08:02:54 p.m. Bill is passing mile 23 Sun, 08:03:15 p.m. Go bill! The dude defines tough Sun, 08:05:55 p.m. Larry might have had a rough bike, but nothing is going to stop him now Sun, 08:06:42 p.m. He’s going to be testing soon, but all his kit is in working order Sun, 08:20:58 p.m. Steve chop is coming in with a singular focus. The man is finishing right now. Wow is he determined. Sun, 08:22:56 p.m. He saw me, kicked it up, and we were barely ready for him. He pulled that out of his suitcase of courage Sun, 08:28:56 p.m. The costumes are out! I’m sharing the street with batman and a roman…. Something Sun, 08:31:41 p.m. A guy I met on the plane, a stranger, is finishing!!! It is awesome what we are seeing out here Sun, 08:36:44 p.m. Chop gave it all at the finish line. He is ok and finished with …. Well, I’m at a loss to describe it Sun, 08:39:56 p.m. Chop had to visit the wiZards with IV’s and salt, and came out on top Sun, 08:42:51 p.m. Joe Brady is coming in…. With understated courage Sun, 08:43:35 p.m. Joe, our hats are off to you. Folks, give him a big cheer Sun, 08:44:56 p.m. Chop just wants to see his kids Sun, 08:56:09 p.m. Bill is coming in! He hit it hard and really pushed, but the last bit was rough. Yet he refocused and brought it home Sun, 08:56:51 p.m. Ahn and moore are on his tail! They might finish together!!!! Sun, 08:57:58 p.m. Trifecta! Steve and john ran it together, and looked so strong at the end Sun, 08:59:32 p.m. Bill, it wasn’t the race you wanted, but it was a thrill to see you push it. Kudos Sun, 09:04:37 p.m. Even batman is inspired Sun, 09:06:01 p.m. Here comes the rain! Well, sprinkles really Sun, 09:06:30 p.m. Ok.. Rain it is Sun, 09:21:55 p.m. This is awesome!!! In the rain comes Anne! With one focus… A lady with a mission. Bring it home Anne! Sun, 09:25:06 p.m. The rain is letting up Sun, 09:27:54 p.m. We hear that dave is working the miles off, with buckets of courage Sun, 09:29:26 p.m. The crazies are out!!! Sun, 09:39:42 p.m. The cheese heads are spotted! Now I feel like I’ve been in the cheese state! Sun, 09:41:38 p.m. 3 to go! They’re coming home Sun, 09:46:52 p.m. It is getting quieter on the streets, except for the finish line, which we can here blocks away Sun, 09:47:24 p.m. Stop light are blinking Sun, 09:53:17 p.m. These people are in such amazing shape, but it has been a mental game for hrs now. Sun, 10:31:05 p.m. Parker is coming in! He kept asking where he was going to meet his iron kid; nothing else mattered. The crowd is going to roar him across Sun, 10:34:19 p.m. The crowd at the finish line is loud! Sun, 10:56:33 p.m. Larry is here! He was running with his son and just looking so solid. Larry, happy 60th! Sun, 10:57:08 p.m. So solid, and going at a good smooth clip to boot Sun, 11:17:54 p.m. And there it is! DAVE finished Sun, 11:18:48 p.m. And what a finish it was! He couldn’t have smiled any bigger. PARTY Sun, 11:57:22 p.m. and then my batteries died after that last msg Sun, 11:57:34 p.m. Seeing dave cross was the icing. Sun, 11:58:19 p.m. The athletes are bed; we are cleaning up hq…and tomorrow the stories start Sun, 11:58:37 p.m. they’re yelling in the last of the athletes as there are less than 2 minutes until they close the course! Mon, 12:00:08 a.m. and there they go! The red flashing lights bring up a group of athletes…and they are going nuts crossing the finishing line Mon, 12:00:53 a.m. there it is!!! The end of Ironman Wisconsin 2008. 12 athletes with Type1. Hats off guys and gal. Mon, 12:01:00 a.m. night Mon, 03:03:45 p.m. Triabetes thanks everyone for twittering on race day! We’re glad you enjoyed the excitement and thank Sharendipity for headquarter use!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Update of the Update

OK - its 2:3oam and I am up for breakfast and I checked my email and what do you know, but Michelle sent a link for everyone to follow the Twitter updates. As for me - I have slept well and hope to get another hour or so in. The weather looks good - maybe some T-showers this evening... I was worried about rain during the bike and ended up packing all sorts of junk into the transition bags. My watch has been counting down the days until Ironman and it always seemed so far out. I remember when it fell below 100 days and it seemed like it was just around the corner. Now it says "Ironman Today" and I am actually looking forward to it. It has been such an honor to be a part of this project and to meet all the amazing people involved. Thank you John Moore for moving in next door and playing soccer with me and for finally giving me the running hat that pushed me over the edge to do this thing. As the song on Golden Girls said "thank you for being a friend" - you changed my life. Ooooookaaay.... I can't believe I just wrote that and I am not going back right now and deleting it. And Dave Shack, holy cow - he really is a machine. I have truly enjoyed the hours and hours of training and laughing with that guy. He is an inspiration - he has been my inspiration. Thank you dave. And Michelle - Yesterday at the reception, Michelle went over the story of Triabetes. It began with her and a guy from One Touch at a coffeshop. She said "I would love to make a documentary about diabetics doing Ironman." He said, "you should do it". Just a few days later, Ray and Nella Ibsen walk into her office and she offhandedly remarks about it. They say "We do documentaries...and we have a daughter with diabetes." hmm. She calls this diabetic who had done a lot of endurance stuff...John Moore....and they decide to do it. John calls Brian Foster - a guy from Animas who is quite a runner and Brian is in. John moves in next door and I am in. I mention it to Dave when I meet him for the first time late last July. When I see him a week later, Dave says "I'm in". This is funny because I wasn't really asking him. So I say "Sweet!". Michelle gets the first African American diabetic Ironman, Aaron Perry. She also gets her bike coach, Joe Brady. John and Michelle start combing the internet for diabetic athletes and find Steve Chop. Michelle emails Peter Nerothin who joins up with Insulindependence and really fills in the missing piece for fundraising and organization because Insulindependence has Nate Heinzman. So then more searching finds the first diabetic Ironman ever, Bill Carlson...who is an amazing story all on his own. Larry Smith joins on... he has had diabetes for 47 years and is doing this as a gift to himself for his 60th birthday. I was talking to him yesterday and he said that he thinks one of the reasons he is in good health today was that his lifestyle was always active - he remembers running to deliver papers as a kid with diabetes...which would have to be back around 1960. Amazing. More searching find Anne Findlay who was a crucial piece for me because she kind of acted like my coach. She did an Ironman just a month or two ago, by the way. And after a couple dropped out, we found Steve Parker who had already signed up for Madison and then been diagnosed AFTER. This is his first one as a diabetic. I think the world of all these people and I only wish I was fast enough to see them finish...just one of them:)

Saturday, September 6, 2008


We had a great reception this afternoon but I really must get to bed. I am in good spirits and not too nervous. Got my alarm set for 3am to have a breakfast - and then from then on it should all go well.

As for tracking athletes - you can go to and go to "track an athlete" from there - you can type in my bib number or name (my bib is 778). Michelle has set up a twitter account and it should have updates as they come in from Triabetes spotters - the problem is that you need to somehow log in on your phone or something. It is way past my understanding - but you can see her contribution at her blog and you can email her at if you want directions on how to do this. Sorry I am not more help on this - she explained it to me, but it was too much.

I will update everything after the race - just been kind of hectic - however, Russ and Reid (talking into Triabetes 09) and Benjamin got here today after driving 12 hours straight through the night. Amazing. More on them later.

Just think, at this time tomorrow this will all be over... for those people who are fast...I will still have probably 5 hours to go!


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Legs shaved, bags packed

OK, so I finally caved and shaved my legs. The car is packed and ready to go. I just have to remember to put mine and Dave's bike on before we take off tomorrow after school. It seems like a festival like atmosphere this whole week of Ironman - so it should be fun. Its almost sad to be coming to the end because the journey has been so worthwhile.... never thought I'd say that. Thanks to those of you who have supported me and the Triabetes effort - I might finish on Sunday (hopefully before midnight) but the cause that is Triabetes is continual and permanent. I think that we already have a Boonie signing up for Triabetes 09 in Arizona.... I will leak his name as soon as I am sure he is in. I shall try to keep my nerves at bay and to put the whole thing into the proper perspective and just enjoy the marrow out of this experience. Michelle was telling me about a 14 year old kid (snowboarder) who died recently from a diabetic/asthmatic attack and it really reminded me that I have nothing to fear or even worry about. I have been given this chance fully experience simultaneously both the fragility and tenacity of being human and I intend to revel in it. Bring on the joy and the suffering - its showtime. I will try to post again before Ironman to let you know team member's bib numbers in case you want to follow our progress that day.

Friday, August 22, 2008

IronFAN t-shirts!

Want to join the millions of people in their crazed frenzy over the Triabetes project?? OK - it may not be millions....yet! Michelle is printing up these T-shirts for friends and family and fans - $10 each and you can get them from her blog - If that doesn't work, just let me know ( and I'll get one to you. Also - if anyone wants to follow any Triabetic's race on Sept 7, you can go to and type in your athlete's bib number to see how the day is going for them. We won't have our bib numbers until just before the race - but I will update the blog when we get them. If you follow me, just be prepared to stay up late!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Mercy me, I see the taper

A friend once told me the difference between Grace and Mercy. Mercy is when you don't get what you do deserve and Grace is when you do get what you don't deserve. Well, I was the full recipient of ironman grace this weekend. Dave and I had planned on a 7 hour ride-run on sunday and it turned out that Jon and Carole were going to their house in Damascus. So we arranged to ride to Damascus and do a run on the creeper trail - which was flat and soft. I had told myself that this would be my last long day in prep for the race...that after this, it would be all downhill. Well I had some concerns - mainly with my knee. Its been hurting whenever I try to run even though I have hardly been trying to run for quite awhile now. In fact on Thursday I had an issue (not so much pain as just something there) after just jogging slow (and having my HR go crazy) with the stroller for 3 miles. Well, I figured that I would do this last long thing and suffer. But after an absolutely glorious Sunday morning ride in which the first 40 miles we probably saw 10 cars - the run was like old times. Painless and my heartrate was controllable...even though it was hot. So after this perfect day, I decided to start the taper. My mind is in a great place and with just a few weeks to go, I am as good as I'm going to get. I hope to continue looking forward to Ironman and to continue to keep doubt and fear away. I never thought I'd feel this way...but thankfully, here I am. On other random notes - Dave's CGM kept telling him he was in the 90's but he started feeling tight and nauseous so we stopped at 40 miles in Warrensville. He was 500. He tested 3 times with 2 different meters and 2 different bottles of strips because he didn't believe it. But it was 500. His CGM had been in a little too long apparently. So we debated what bolus to do and he shot up wondering what the other 40 miles would be like. We filled our water bottles behind a restaurant and then I helped a trucker move his rear wheels forward to balance the load (which was cool) and off we went. It wasn't long before I noticed that Dave was zooming up the hills faster than I thought a person at 500 should be able to do. And a little over an hour later, he tested and was in the 130's. Amazing. The dude really is a machine. The drop into Damascus was a blast after that. In other news - I was biking to work yesterday and out of the fog on a lonely road was a horse in the middle of the road just looking at me. I talked to it as I went by. It seemed to appreciate that.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Well its 32 days until Ironman. I am 35 years old. My blood sugar at lunch was 39 yesterday. I swam 32 laps at lunch to make a mile yesterday. When I got out of the pool my blood sugar was 39 again. Holy cow, everything is happening fast. Last week I did the Making a Difference camp at the High School and had a good time at that but realized that I was now on work schedule and summer was officially over. This week school starts and all the stress that goes with that. Dave and I did a swim brick this weekend out in Hampton, TN. We swam for an hour and rode for 3. The wind was decent and we got to feel what roughish conditions were like. All went well, though and it was good to not be in a pool. We just hugged the shoreline because there were a lot of boats out. Monday I had to get in a 4 hour ride (I only did 3.5) - I rode for 2 hours on the trainer from 4:30 to 6:30am (which really isn't much fun) and then I hit the road when it got light and went to our first school workday. I showered at school and went over to the church were we always have our first meeting - and on cue, was breakfast waiting. Biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs, and tons of bacon...ahhh. Well, at then end of the meeting we were told that the fire alarm was not working and that we weren't allowed in school..which really stinks because these are the days where I really need to get stuff together. So I tried to find Ash in town - I rode by the pool, Chic fil a, etc but never found her so I rode home in my cargo shorts and t-shirt. Yesterday at lunch when I was swimming (if you want to call it that - although I did the mile in less than 35 min which is comforting - and I was way low) there was a guy flying up and down the lanes and he had the USTriathlon assn sticker on his water bottle... and that always makes me feel a bit out of place - you know, when I'm around a real triathlete... it makes it worse when you are talking to the guy in the locker room and you mention that you are doing Madison IM in 33 days and he looks at you like "no, seriously" - he said he hadn't even done a half IM. Sheez. Although, I realized that I've been training for this thing for over a year and I have diabetes and I have a young family. Sure I am slow. But I am going to do it...and in that process I have learned that as I rise to meet this challenge, it loses its power. In the end, its just going to be a long day. Just like diabetes - the challenge loses its power as you meet it...and consequently kick its ass. It just takes a committment and perhaps a bit of inspiration to start you down the track. Thank you Triabetes.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

A good excuse or a sign?

I found a relatively flat course to ride - I mean its a loop and its got plenty of elevation change - but for around here it is really flat and nice. I was able to ride the 55 mi at an avg of 16.2mph - that is nice and gives me some wiggle room on the run if I can keep it up. Right now I am a bit out of commission due to my IT band problem in my knee. I tried to run a 7 mile trail the other day and really had some more issues. So no running for awhile. That is a hard thing to do because I really start to freak out about not being able to do the run. I emailed John to talk me down a bit and he did so like it was nothing. It will be good to see that guy in a little over a month. So anyway I've been biking more and coming up with excuses not to swim...which is getting to be a problem. Well, yesterday morning I was going to do the 55 mile route again early - I woke up at 3 to eat breakfast so I could take a full bolus - but then Zoe woke up right away with me (cosleeping). I thought she was just dreaming and so I walked out of the room. I turn on the light to the bathroom and then I hear Ash call - I jump back in the room just in time to see Zoester gagging and so I scooped her up and got her to the toilet where she promptly threw up a few times. She was still out of it a bit and I let down my gurard - she turns and walks out of the bathroom and I hop out into the hall to get her and bring her back and she turns, puts her hands to her mouth and throws up. Well, her fingers did a good job of vaporizing the vomit and pressurizing the larger pieces into a shotgun spray pattern. Direct hit...mostly in my face. Needless to say, I did not reset my alarm to go ride that morning. It turns out that we went to a birthday party that day of a couple of kids of dear friends of ours - Zoe's piece of cake had a monstrous bright red flower (or something) icing on it - the tell tale signs of red were all over me. She was fine the next morning, however and asked if it was a dream. If only....

Monday, July 21, 2008

Shootin for 17 hours

I am continually amazed at how much work it is taking to barely finish this Ironman. I have 2:20 for the swim (I can do that), 8 hours for the bike (its going to be tight), and then 6.5 hours for the marathon (also tight). However, any time I save on any part goes to the next part - the times I gave are for the cutoffs. Yesterday I went and rode 100 miles - I did 2 loops of the Blood, Sweat, and Gears 50 (and had to add on a couple of miles because the BSG is more like 48 miles) - its a pretty mountainous route from the center of the universe (Valle Crucis School - Dave's school, my old school) up to the gate to Grandfather Mountain and back around. I did it in 7:00 (minus a 15 min stop half way in to call Ash and redo water, etc) - which makes for 14.3 mph average. To make the cutoff, I have to keep 14mph. On the plus side - I kept my average heartrate to 128 (69%max) - Rick said to shoot for 70% - and I felt absolutely great. I kept the water/salt intake good and I was able to eat (at least in the second half - was strangely high for the first 50). When I hopped off my bike I jogged around a bit to see how I felt and I could have easily gone for a run...normally the run after the bike really stinks. And so I've got to have faith that the mountains are going to be good for me and that everything is going to work out... because I want to have plenty of time to hobble the run. Of course, I've got to attribute some of the comfort to the sweet schwag that Peter sent to us last week - Specialized gave us a super pair of cycling shoes (my feet have never not gone to sleep on the bike until now - I hate to admit it, but there is a real difference between the expensive shoes and the ones I usually buy:), a great helmet (also very comfortable - helmets have come a long way in the 6 years since I bought my last one:), and a nice pair of sunglasses (seeing as Adia just broke mine...serendipity)

Saturday, July 19, 2008


The term "Brick" has had a lot of influence on my life. Billy used to call me that. My car was named the brick-mobile (thanks again Bill). My dad (and I in the summers) worked for a Brick plant. Now it means "a way to be uncomfortable for long periods of time". I took a day off after the marathon and then did a 50 mile ride with Dave. My knee still bothered me some, so I took 2 days off and then did the long brick with dave. Supposedly in the athletic world lingo, "brick" means "bike-run"? We did the 5 hour bike followed by the 2 hour run. I got up at 3am and ate breakfast then went back to sleep. Got up at 5:00 and was out at Moses Cone Park (on the Blue Ridge parkway) by 6 and we were off. We did loops up to Grandfather mountain and back, stopping each time to weigh ourselves (yes, we brought a scale) to try to figure out sweat rates. It was cool that day so it was easy to stay hydrated... but it still took more than I would have thought. The whole time we were concentrating on keeping heartrate low and salt, water, and blood sugar good...which justifies why we were slow! My blood sugar was between 70 and 130 the whole time and I was able to eat much more than usual because I took a regular lantus (12u) the night before. I have been the king of blood sugar lately. When we started running I thought my knee wasn't going to last - but after 3 miles or so, everything started to loosen up. There was still pain, but it didn't overshadow the pain of fatigue too much. We did 9.5 miles in just under 2 hours - by the end I was in some odd zone - just looking down at the ground and not saying much. I wasn't feeling much - good or bad. Dave was in a zone, too - but it was a good zone. At the end of 7 hours he was cracking jokes. The dude is becoming a machine. He is riding 100 miles right now to Asheville where his wife will pick him up on their way to the beach. Tomorrow I am going to follow suit and do a century... I'll swim today, I guess. 50 days to go.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

1st Marathon...done

Here's the lowdown on my Grandfather Mountain Marathon. I cut my lantus down to 8 units the night before and didn't take anything in the morning. I woke up and ate breakfast at 3am so I could take a full bolus. My blood sugars that day were between 140 and 100 the whole day until the night when they rose a bit. So success on the glucose front. I then woke up at 5:30 and headed over to the marathon. It was a bit unnerving as everyone I talked to seemed to be pretty experienced and when I mentioned that this was my first one, the comment was always a variation of "well, you sure picked a hard one to start with" or "well, this is the hardest road marathon in North America"... I mean, come on - that is a little discouraging. So we go down through town and pass the mall - and there is Dave. I didn't know whether he would be there but suddenly there was company. So we went along and headed uphill. Somewhere in the first 5 miles, Dave says (in typical Dave fashion) "I'm just going to run the whole thing" Well he had his fist bottle of perpeteum and he woke up late and didn't eat breakfast... why not? On we go. I see a couple of former students who were manning an aid station at mile 7 and another former student and her mom a few times further down cheering us on. So, all was going well - I was drinking 3-4 cups at each stop and taking my endurolytes and had no cramping issues. About half way in a biker went past and said "is that Steve?" Turns out I had my Diabetes Training Camp shirt on and Chuck (the guy from ASU that is analyzing all the data I have been slack about putting in) was out on the route cheering people on. So we had a Triabetes 3 even without John - and with a breath of serendipity. Speaking of John - the guy who tricked me into Triabetes with just a hat (he later has given me just an absolute crapload of diabetes/training stuff) - I wore the hat as kind of a reminder of the whole year journey to this point. At one point late in the run, I was musing about the whole thing and a car came by with the license plate RWH something - well "RWH" was taped inside my hat at one point because that is John's mantra - "Return with Honor". You can get to his blog (not that he ever updates it) for a complete rundown of RWH... the link is on the side of my page. So I notice a twinge in my I.T. band in my knee just past half way. Hmmm. Thats odd. Never had any IT issues. It only hurt when I walked and then started up again. Hmmm. Well, it progressively got worse. I could run fine, but no walking hills....ahh, thats what I get - an injury with a sense of irony. Dave fell back with what we later think was simply dehydration... another lesson to learn. His blood sugar was holding steady at almost 200 and he still had some perpeteum as well as a gel he found on the road! So I wasn't too worried about at that point. When I saw Chuck again I sent him back with a pack of Clif Blocks for Dave - but he didn't need them. I never hit a wall or felt bad (of course, I wasn't killing it time wise) and I was happy about that. The last 2 miles Ashley drove up beside me and cheered me on - on the back of the minivan was the message that you see from Zoe... It was perfect - I was laughing and moving faster than I had much of the run. I love that little dinosaur. (in case you don't know - Nigel Marvin is like the crocodile hunter that goes back in time - its a BBC production - we play this all the time...seriously) The finish is on the gravel track at the Highland games with bagpipes playing and tons of people cheering - very nice. 4 hours and 36 minutes. 10 and a half minute pace. I was hoping for a little better but I was so glad to make it to the highland games before the cutoff (5 hours). So off I limp (by this time it is really painful to walk - had to straightleg it) back to the road to meet Ash and Zoe and Adia. Very sweet. And today my leg seems much better - I've got some worries, but I think I will be fine.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Grandfather Marathon saturday and ... steak

First off, Rick Crawford (DTC super coach...seriously) has sent us a training plan that really seems to be painful... but necessary, I guess. It carries us through the last 2 months. I am currently getting nervous about the Grandfather Mountain marathon in 2 days. I guess its because I have never done one and this one is uphill and has a time limit... oh and a few people have said its the hardest road marathon in the US. But on my side, I did have a big steak tonight and finally might have given my body something it needed (protein and fat in huge amounts) - I have been hungry for a good solid month now (I haven't been able to have the butter out and not continually snack on it) but I haven't had a steak in a good long time. I cleaned everyone's plates in bliss and I am sure I ate chunks of meat that my wife and daughter had already spit out... it didn't phase me a bit. Aside from the salt issue and cramping - I have never noticed my body needing some kind of food... it was a rather amazing experience...I guess you have picked up on that as I am going on and on about dinner. Well today was rainy but I took Zoe to Valle Crucis and we put the canoe in on Clarks Creek and wound down an 8 ft creek a ways to the Watauga River and then went down that a spell - we saw a baby deer and a bunch of waterfowl... the baby deer was funny because Zoe had specifically said on the 5 minute drive to Valle Crucis that if we found a baby deer she wanted to raise it.... then we ate a steak for dinner and all memory blanks out after that... I'll let you know how the marathon goes - I might have talked Dave into pacing me for awhile. Apologies to vegetarians and those Chick-fil-a cows.... no disrespect to either intended... especially the cow.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Lesson learned hopefully

OK, so I was freaked out after saturday's cramp fest. I learned from Rick Crawford that I should get in 1g salts (electrolytes)/L of water every hour. OK, so I was not near that on saturday. Today Dave and I went and ran part of the Grandfather marathon course - we planted water and food - I woke up early (3am) to eat breakfast and take a normal bolus (as Anne suggested) - then I went back to sleep until the run - I carried Endurolytes - and all went perfectly. Every 5 miles I drank around 500-700 ml and took 3 endurolytes (it was cool) - my blood sugar was between 100 and 160 the whole time - I maintained a comfortable pace and HR - I felt great (aside from pounding the road) and I went 20 miles. That is my longest ever and I felt like it would be no real problem (aside from the pounding) to run the other 6 and just do a marathon today - but I have the Grandfather marathon in 11 days - so I'll just hold off :) I am just ecstatic that my legs feel good... in fact the only soreness is some leftover from Saturday, I think! Did I mention that I ran 20 miles?

Monday, June 30, 2008

A lesson in nutrition

Things were going well. I felt like I was coming along at a pace that would get me through ironman in a few months. Over the last few weeks I've done a 2 hour swim in a lake - and the wetsuit made it sooo wonderful. I hate the pool now. Just like Dave said. We've done some longer bike rides and runs and bricks and its all been pretty comfortable. Then Saturday Dave and I did Blood Sweat and Gears (the 50 - it was donated to us as a training ride because of Triabetes and the fact that it takes off from Valle Crucis School) - after that I planned on running 14 (a double cub). Well I rode well (for me) and was done with the rather hilly ride in 2:52 but was beginning to cramp up at the end. Well the run was miserable... I mean M I S E R A B L E. I was cramping all over and it was hot...for us. A 7 mile run that usually take me 1 hour (mostly uphill) took me an hour and a half. I found out later that 1) I need to drink more and 2) I need a whole lot more electrolytes. Gatorade/Vitalyte stuff alone won't cut it. I was totally planning on having a nice training day and I got a big lesson in not being stupid. Which totally freaks me out for the Grandfather mountain marathon in a few weeks. Tomorrow Dave and I are going to do 10 up and 10 back on the course (20 total) to get a feel for it. I will drink and suck down electrolytes. My sugar levels have been pretty good, however. We had a diabetic cookout yesterday for many of the type 1 students and parents up here and I got to meet a woman named Bianca who is going to create a Diabetes lifestyle family retreat up here. There are some exciting things going on - I will update more on that later. Oh and Matt showed us the pictures from his Utah canoe trip with Peter and insulindependence....very sweet. Well, I'm off to the doctor to find out how much worse my A1C is than Dave's. He tagged a 5.8 - who can compete with that? If I get in under 7 this time, I'll be happy.

OK - I'm back - 6.2 A1C....yes!