We had a great reception this afternoon but I really must get to bed. I am in good spirits and not too nervous. Got my alarm set for 3am to have a breakfast - and then from then on it should all go well.

As for tracking athletes - you can go to www.ironman.com and go to "track an athlete" from there - you can type in my bib number or name (my bib is 778). Michelle has set up a twitter account and it should have updates as they come in from Triabetes spotters - the problem is that you need to somehow log in on your phone or something. It is way past my understanding - but you can see her contribution at her blog http://triabetesdocumentary.blogspot.com/ and you can email her at curejesse@gmail.com if you want directions on how to do this. Sorry I am not more help on this - she explained it to me, but it was too much.

I will update everything after the race - just been kind of hectic - however, Russ and Reid (talking into Triabetes 09) and Benjamin got here today after driving 12 hours straight through the night. Amazing. More on them later.

Just think, at this time tomorrow this will all be over... for those people who are fast...I will still have probably 5 hours to go!



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