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Jesus, what a year.

Ah, blog... my google therapist.  I am back for our yearly session.

My Triabetes mentor, John, called me tonight... its been 5.5 years since we finished ironman together hand in hand.  We both live in different states now, he has twins that are 2.5 yrs old, my own kids have grown from babies to pre-pubescent, Ashley was pregnant with Esme when we last saw each other... When talking about our lives now, its amazing how they have changed.  I didn't even have a chicken at that time... now I am building a scaffold to butcher our steer.  And we both now have a child with diabetes.  John called me because I had texted him to tell him that last night we had our worst diabetes scare with Adia.  She was awfully close to seizing.  That look.  That look where your child's eyes look right through you to some far beyond that you can't reach and no matter what you say, she can't hear you.  She could still swallow and Ash had honey down her throat in an instant while all I co…

Birthday thoughts

So... I'm 40 now. Its not that big a deal - mentally I am still such a child, so body and soul average out to somewhere in the late 20's I think. Today was such a really good day - and it all centered around wonderful wonderful food. Here is quick run down - an early morning wonderful tiramisu followed by a wonderful second period chocolate chip cookie cake made by the special education students... a gift that included one of the best hugs ever and a great "happy birthday" song. My second period enjoyed the cookie cake like nobody's business. Truman brought me a surprise chocolate cupcake in 3rd... then lunch began with flan from Luis. Hoffman, Luis, Jose, and I shared an amazing prima Genoa salami and perfect Italian bread and we ended it with amazing Babycakes cupcakes from Jose and Luis and Scott. At home the feast continued - Ash had smoked salmon on crackers, Gouda, guacamole and blue tortillas, prosciutto and sweet peppers, a nice mocha stout, then …