OK, now I'm back, or what's left of me

Zoe made this for me. Will just melt a scrooges' heart.
The Man-a-gon... or Man-wagon.... or Mini-man - yeah, that fits.
Ol' Nev - what a sweetheart
I need to say nothing about this picture.
So, I think I am back - and thank goodness, because cameraman Ray is here. I still cough, but now its without the dry-heaving. I went for a run friday night and did fine. We went for a run at Bass lake this morning - maybe around 6 miles. Then we went to ASU and did a mile. It was a sweeeet place. I'd never seen a swimsuit centrifuge before - but country came to town today. There was a scale there. I thought I was at 165. I am at 157.6 lbs. That would be somewhere around the middle of high school. With winds the way they are up here, I might really blow away. I have been snacking on butter, eating straight cream cheese - nothing works. However, it might translate into some fast biking - and in the pool today I was faster than I'd been... though that was probably the camera
The family might be getting out of Sickville - still plenty of snugy noses and coughs, but much better. Nev (the dog) is doing well. Russ is conquering the Black Mountain Marathon today and is officially leaving his title of OCM (off the couch monster) in Asheville. Someone will pick it up - Russ has gotten years out of it, but now he's just "M".


zircon said…
I personally prefer the WAR WAGON when you have that thing totally loaded up with bikes, rocket box and a boat or two, and nothing's gonna stop you. It's like a fun-bag on wheels.

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