Esme's UNO!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my kiddo! Well the littlest one is one and time is again passing in the blink of an eye. We had a little celebration on her actual birthday and then went back to SC to do a family birthday. It was pretty wonderful.

She's got the birthday crown that Ash made (each kid has one) - but its on upside down - she's already making a statement. Notice the button.. first one.

Zoe declaring that she wants a corner piece

Right side up, birthday kid!

Adia and Jan - man I would love to know what they were talking about:)

Ash came up with an idea to have everyone draw on a cloth square some picture or design and she will sew them up into a little blanket for Esme. Zoe is trying to glean some inspiration from Grandma.

Here's the birthday girl with the most important soul in her life right now...MAMA!

MawMaw and Esme make their entrance to the party

Grandpas.... the number of hilarious bubble quotes I could put over their heads... wonder what they were talking about? Probably golf:)

Grandma, mid laugh ... sorry mom, had to put this one in

This is the kimchi that Ashley and Carole made and then we forgot to bring it to SC... and it is actually the best I've ever had. Watch out, it may go nationwide

On the Korean kick - if you've got kimchi, you need some pulgolgi to go with it.... mmm mmm good.

Esme on her actual birthday - yes, we had cake that night, too

Zoe and Adia excavating bones from an amazing bone excavating brick that Carole's dad made. They removed the bones, sifted them, and then took them to Dr Tom at ASU (bone expert) to identify them - it was amazing all the way around.

And if you have kimchi and pulgolgi, why not make some tempura as well? Its Korean cooking... Appalachian style! On the wood cook stove:)

  • In other news, my birthday rolled around and the clock is getting closer and closer to going backwards or to turning 20 again. We had a great day - just kind of relaxing with some great food and amazing brownines and ice cream... In diabetic parlance, I had to bolus for that one.
  • I did go to an diabetologist here - Johnson Memorial Diabetes Center - a Dr. Andrew Rhinehart. Dr. Rhinehard maintains a pretty good diabetes website/blog called the Diabetes Expert and he wrote a book "I Have Diabetes? Now What!" It turns out that he knows Dr. Matt of Diabetes Training Camp and ran a marathon with my fellow triabetic Brian! I'd say I am where I should be.
  • I finished our taxes - it only took me 12 hours. But it seems my plan of making less and less money and having more and more children is finally paying off! We got a big ol refund:)
  • We had another snow here friday - did some cross country skiing and snow shoeing - but it doesn't look like we will miss a day - so I'd better get off this computer and get ready for school....


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