6.5 and a great friends

Well, we finished exams on Thursday....ahhh. I went to Dr. Morgan on Friday morning and got a nice little Christmas bonus: a hemoglobin A1C of 6.5. My lowest ever. I mean that is not even flagged as high....for normal people! (Granted - it is right on the edge...) It even made the fact that a landslide had closed my route back to Boone and I had to take a hour and a half detour back to town....not so bad. Then I got a gift from two incredible friends of ours - William and Janet - who could possibly be the most giving people I've ever known....and I have known some incredibly generous people. It just popped into their heads that I could really use a treadmill while I train for this event so they arranged for their super plush treadmill to live at our house. This really comes just at the right time - its been harder and harder to run and have Ashley run and spend time with the family now that daylight and temps have dropped. I just need one of those endless pools and we can have triathlons in my basement... Understand these are the people who came over on a whim to spend a day to help me build a deck and when we mentioned about putting in a wood stove (furnace) in our house - they said "just use the one at our rental house - its never used"...just like that.

However, this whole process has really thrown in my face the fact that I am surrounded by an incredible, caring community - from Heather who is funneling me strips (test strips, guys) now that I have run out and my insurance company is the diabetic devil - to the guys (Russ, Dave, John, Wayne) I run with who are true friends and not just partners in spandex - to Jon and Carole who begged me to call them in the middle of the night (last night) in case Ashley's stomach bug got worse - to all my neighbors (many of the previous are in that group) - and on and on. I really do feel like for some reason I have been given this perfect life.... I haven't even mentioned my family....

Thanks. I guess its time to get serious.


jaki said…
just got your blog site from Kate.... you go guy!!!
Steve Chop said…
Awesome A1C! Been following your blog with your training. You seem to be on track. Building a good base now is key to success in September!

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