Its a (nother) miracle!

Not really a Triabetes log here today - I thought nothing could top the test strip miracle, but then our dear, sweet 6 month old Adia...slept through the night. Realize that Ashley has not slept well since she was 6 months pregnant. So that's 9 months of poor sleep (and 6 months for me). The irony in the whole thing is that Adia just doesn't sleep well with us. We have always had a family bed and have always slept great - but its just not for Adia. She slept her first night in the pack and play (our version of a crib)...which is a little sad....until you realize that we slept!


Paris Mountain 20K tomorrow. I'm now stoked to run my heart out...which is good - because it is supposed to be cold rain.

If you haven't read Dave's brother's comments on his blog ( about Wide Open - please do.


Dave said…
What are the chances you get two good nights in a row?
Why don't you head to SC a little earlier and sleep in the car instead of hoping you get good sleep and waking up at 4am?
I always slept good in the wayback.

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