New Year

Short and sweet. We had a scare that Ash had a kidney stone - she drank tons of water and cranberry stuff and it hopefully passed or just went away. That would have been a bit much I think. As it is it dropped her to her knees a few times. The baby will be here in a week. Let me repeat that. The baby will be here in a week. Holy cow. Ash said to me the other day - "don't know if you realize it or not, but we are having a baby." If it wasn't so serious, it would be really funny. Thankfully, I have the MUnicycle to keep me sane. I absolutely love it. There are not enough hours in a day to unicycle. And if there were I would be way too sore to continue. (picture is a blood blister from uni) I can hop steps now and ride some mild trail stuff without too much sweat. I spoke to Peter tonight about a unicycle triabetes rep. There is a 500 mile race in Canada... PS - the chickens are laying around 15 eggs a day! And one other update: what do you get when you cross an Eastern Screech Owl and a bike? An Eastern Screech Owl stuck in your spokes. No kidding. I put my bike on my car in the early am monday and went to drop off my car at the shop and then I was going to ride into work from there. When I got to the top of the hill (Steve's Auto) I got out and saw something caught in my spokes...near the cogset. Thought it was just some trash. Upon further inspection, it was a screech owl - unconscious but hanging for its life upside down from my spokes. I carefully wrapped it up and put it in a bag. I raced back home and by that time it was moving around. I rigged up a dog crate with a perch and Ash took it to Genesis up on Beech mtn. I think its going to be ok. The pic is not my screech owl, but it probably had a similar expression just before impact...


Anne said…
that is a fantastic picture of you on your unicycle. there was a guy who rode his unicycle up the mountain during a bike race that I did. And I don't think he came in last! I'm glad you are enjoying it.

Best wishes with the delivery--I hope all goes smoothly for you guys.

Anne said…
p.s. what do you do with all of those eggs?

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